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Harry Potter New York Vr Tickets

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Harry Potter Store New York VR Experiences | Chaos at Hogwarts AND Wizards Take Flight

We are operating the Harry Potter VR experiences in compliance with state and local guidelines and following strict cleaning and sanitation protocols. Additional measures we are taking include:

  • Masks Required: For the time being, all guests and employees are required to wear a face mask before, during, and after experiences.
  • Staff Safety: Our show guides are required to answer a safety questionnaire each day.

Got Questions About The Harry Potter Vr Experiences Weve Got Answers

Harry Potter New York offers a lot of information on the VR experiences on their FAQ page, but here are some Q& As we can answer right here:

Where can I get tickets for the Harry Potter VR experiences?Right here!

How much do tickets cost for Harry Potter VR? $34 per person, per experience.

How old do you have to be to experience Harry Potter VR? You must be at least 10 years old and 48 inches tall. Kids ages 10-12 must be accompanied by an adult.

How many people can be in a VR group? There are six available spots in each experience, and you will be placed with others if you have fewer than six people in your group.

How long does the VR experience last? About 30 minutes, including time to gear up and gear down. The actual VR experience lasts about 10-15 minutes. You are asked to check-in 30 minutes ahead of your scheduled time, so plan for at least one full hour for VR, plus an additional 60-90 minutes to enjoy the store!

Which Harry Potter VR experience should I book? Both if you can! Book Wizards Take Flight if you want a beginner-level, seated experience Chaos at Hogwarts if youre up for more of a physical challenge!

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Are These Experiences Suitable For Kids

The Harry Potter VR experiences can be enjoyed by guests at least 10+ years old for each experience, 54 inches tall for Wizards Take Flight, and 48 inches tall for Chaos at Hogwarts. Guests that are between 10 and 12 years old must be accompanied by an adult with a paid ticket. Guests who are 13+ are able to ride without an accompanied adult.

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If I Have A Vr Reservation Do I Need To Join The Virtual Queue As Well

No! Guests who have purchased VR experience tickets will not need to register in the Harry Potter New York virtual queue and may proceed to the front of the line when they arrive for entry to the store. Please be advised only those with a valid VR booking are guaranteed entry to the store. Our team will make every effort to accommodate other members of your group if we have the capacity available but entry cannot be guaranteed.

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Virtual Reality Experience Tickets

Thats one of the joys, too, particularly with Chaos at Hogwarts. While many sections are pre-dictated, or will eventually reach their conclusion whether you participate or not, others can be changed and tweaked simply by using the wrong spell at the wrong time. Its the sort of experience that demands multiple visits, just to figure out all the secrets and Easter eggs in the experience.

Ultimately, its understandable that not everyone will want to shell out $68 for two VR experiences, or want to spend an entire day of their New York vacation inside a store. However, like a good theme park ride, even with the short-ish running time, this is fulfilling experience that youll want to do again and again. And for diehards, its the chance to live out a life-long dream, and finally go to Hogwarts, or fly on a broomstick. It really is that immersive, and that good the pictures and video currently online dont do justice to actually living it.

Just dont blame the Harry Potter Store if next time you stream every Harry Potter movie, watching the films pales in comparison to living them.


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Immerse Yourself In Two Brand New Wizarding Virtual Reality Experiences At The Harry Potter Flagship Store New York

Harry Potter fans can now immerse themselves in the wizarding world like never before as WarnerMedia, in partnership with the creative teams at Wevr and Keylight and VR industry leaders Dreamscape Immersive, open two brand new virtual reality adventures, at the Harry Potter flagship store in New York.

Fans can become part of the adventure with these two unique experiences Chaos at Hogwarts and Wizards Take Flight.

If you have always dreamed of attending a wizarding school, why not step into Chaos at Hogwarts? You and up to five other friends can make the iconic journey from Kings Cross Station to Hogwarts castle where magical mysteries and creatures await! Follow Dobby the house-elf throughout the castle, casting spells and discovering secrets as you embark on this social free roam adventure. You will be fully immersed with your own virtual avatar and youll be able to see those of your fellow adventurers too.

Or maybe you would prefer to try Wizards Take Flight? In a first for fans of the Wizarding World, you and five others will sit upon your own individual broomsticks, and join Hagrid in flight, as you prepare to battle Death Eaters while soaring across the skies of London and fly freely around the grounds of Hogwarts. As with Chaos at Hogwarts, youll also be able to see your fellow flying companions.

You can find more information and book your thrilling virtual reality adventure at Harry Potter New York here: www.harrypotterstore.com/tickets

Harry Potter New York: The Vr Experience

As you may or may not know, New York recently got a little more magical with the opening of Harry Potter New York! This new store is every wizard’s dream and it’s about to get even better with the opening up of two new virtual reality experiences: “Wizards take Flight” and “Chaos at Hogwarts”.

I was lucky enough to get invited to their media previews so here is everything you need to know and my reviews on each of the experiences!

VR General Info:

  • You will need tickets for each of these experiences that you can purchase online here. Tickets are also purchased for a specific date and time slot. It’s $34 for each VR experience with each experience lasting about 10 minutes. You’ll need about 30 minutes in total to gear up and down and for VR time.

  • For right now, each group will consist of 4 people. But eventually each group will open up to 6 people.

  • If you have a VR ticket, you do not need to enter the virtual queue to enter the store. You can just show your ticket and be let in at the front of the line.

  • The store recommends you arrive 30 minutes before your ticket time so you can get prepped.

  • If you are booking both experiences on the same day, leave about 60 minutes in between the times to ensure you can make both.

  • You get to pick an avatar for your experience and your house! While I was flying, I was in a Ravenclaw outfit, scarf and all that flew in the wind!

Room and items you need for Wizard’s Take Flight:

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Dodging Death Eaters In Wizards Take Flight

The first VR experience I did was “Wizards in Flight,” which takes place entirely on a broom. After snapping on some hand sensors and our VR headsets in the locker room and choosing our VR avatars, we were led into a dark room with six “broom” mounts positioned around in a circle. Our guide cheerfully asked us our houses and teased us about our flying experience before instructing us to mount the brooms and prepare for a journey we would never forget.

And it was. The broom controls were pretty intuitive , but we were asked to do more than just fly around the scenic landscape of Hogwarts. A few minutes in, Dobby suddenly appears on the tip of your broom handle in a jump scare straight out of a horror movie to inform you of your noble mission: you and your classmates have been tasked with escorting Hagrid through the torrential skies of London as he transports a special “package” on his motorbike. Now, we aren’t told what this package is or even what time period this “story” takes place, but considering what we know of the world of Harry Potter, we can probably guess that it’s a certain Boy Who Lived.

But we made it back the Hogwarts grounds, narrowly missing the Whomping Willow and, for some reason, the flying Ford Anglia, as we came in for a landing. Hagrid and Dobby thanked us for a job well done, and we dismount from our brooms, a little windswept and little wetter and a little more exhilarated.

How Does The Harry Potter Vr Ride Work

Harry Potter VR Experiences

I decided to go on Wizards Take Flight. An employee checked my ticket and had everyone in my time wait at a specific location. We were guided down the stairs to the ride.

Once we entered the ride we were given a briefing. We had to put on virtual reality headgear and gloves. There are lockers where you can put all of your belongings while you ride.

There are six seats with wands. You can choose whatever seat you would like.

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How Do I Purchase Tickets In

At Harry Potter New York, you can buy tickets with help from a VR Host who can help find the right experience and available time slot thats best for you and your group. Tickets can be purchased for same day or for a date in the future, subject to availability. Online booking is the best way to secure a ticket for your preferred time slot, and to ensure that you and your group can all experience Harry Potter VR together.

Harry Potter Nyc Vr Experiences

First and foremost, before you read this, please check out The Trevor Project. Read their site, learn some new stuff, share their materials, and if you can, donate to them. This project helps LGBTQ youth through hard times and helping fight back against anti-trans hatred, like the stuff JKR spews, is very important. We highly suggest reading Daniel Radcliffe’s response to Jo on their site.

Your life matters no matter your racial, gender, or sexual identity.


Harry Potter NYC is a two-story shopping destination located south of the Flat Iron in Flat Iron District. The store features all sorts of merchandise you’d expect if you have visited the Universal parks in the past 20 years plus higher-priced items like Le Creuset cookware, jewelry, and Vera Bradley bags. This is New York, after all. Potter fans will also appreciate the exclusive MACUSA merch and HP NYC branded items . I personally bought some exclusive candles for myself and my sister. In addition to the merchandise is a small cafe selling Butterbeer at $10 a pop, Butterbeer soft serve, and other pastries.

The real unique factor are two virtual reality experiences offered at the store. One, Wizards Take Flight, is a simulated broom ride around Hogwarts and through London. The second, Chaos at Hogwarts, takes you from Platform 9 3/4 into Hogwarts as you help Doby deliver a suitcase to Dumbledore. Both experiences are booked online prior to visit and cost $34 plus tax per person.

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Exclusively At Harry Potter New York Beginning July 15 2021

The ground-breaking experiences will debut exclusively at the newly opened Harry Potter New York flagship store on July 15, 2021 and will give fans of the Wizarding World and thrill seekers the chance to explore the magical world as never before! Audiences can purchase advance tickets for Chaos at Hogwarts and Wizards Take Flight at Harry Potter New York from www.harrypotterstore.com/tickets. The VR adventures can only be experienced at Harry Potter New York with a timed reservation. Reservations are now available from July 15 to August 15 and pre-booking is highly recommended.

Harry Potter New York is the worlds only official Harry Potter flagship store in the heart of New York Citys Flatiron district offering an unforgettable experience for Wizarding World fans. Spanning three floors and over 21,000 sq. ft., Harry Potter New York houses the largest collection of Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts products under one roof. Harry Potter New York is located at 935 Broadway, New York, NY 10010, with entrances on both Broadway and Fifth Avenue. The store is open from 10am-9pm Mon-Sat and 11am-7pm on Sundays.

Store And Vr Experience

Harry Potter New York Opens New Round of Tickets for VR Experiences

Great experience. Great atmosphere. Cool store. Very well organized. No lines or waiting required. Recommend to young and old


Very nice special shop. Good selection of things to buy. Could very well have had a cafe inside the store so that it was possible to sit down and just enjoy the atmosphere

REALLY cool store two floors of completely Harry Potter themed sections. Small movie props, interactive things, and photo opportunities hidden throughout the store. We did not get to visit the bar/cafe section, but would have enjoyed a butterbeer if we had more time. Prior to our trip, other Tripadviser reviews mentioned a QR code for a virtual line. Perhaps this feature was utilized during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, because there was NO line during our visit! We visited mid-afternoon on a Saturday and had zero wait times for entering the store.Totally worth checking out if you’re a Harry potter fan!

We’ve read the books, seen the movies, ridden the rides, been to all of the gift shops, what else could we possibly find new and exciting about Harry Potter? Harry Potter NY says, “Hold my Butterbeer.” This place was worth the subway trip from upper Broadway. Being in the shadow of the Flatiron building was cool enough, but the store has the perfect mix of interactive fun and new merch that we’ve never found anywhere else. It’s a must visit on the NYC tourist list.

New York City, New York

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What Makes The New York Harry Potter Store Awesome

The Harry Potter New York Store is so detailed. There are so many cool things to see and do as your walk around.

The store helps you transport yourself into the magical world of Harry Potter. You can enjoy the treats, and the clothes, and have a New York Harry Potter experience you will never forget.

Harry Potter And The Cursed Child

Harry Potter is on Broadway. The Harry Potter Play is located at the Lyrical theater. There are actually two plays Part 1 of the Cursed Child and Part 2 of the Cursed Child. Yes, you have to buy two separate tickets to see the entire show.

You will want to buy yourHarry Potter Cursed Child Ticketsin advance. Each play is about 3.5 hours. Before Covid, this play would sell out 6 months in advance. You still can not get tickets the day of so keep that in mind when planning your Harry Potter New York trip.

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Taking Flight: Our Review Of The Harry Potter New York Vr Experience

If youve always dreamed of getting your letter for Hogwarts, New York is the real place to be this summer! Harry Potter New York, the brand-new Harry Potter flagship store that opened in June in NYC, is now offering two, very different virtual reality experiences that immerse you into the Wizarding World.

Step Into The Wizarding World

Harry Potter New York Store VR Experiences

After missing the Hogwarts Express at Kings Cross Station, Dobby helps get us to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Students! Dobby needs your help. Journey through Hogwarts Castle, cast spells with your wand, round up Pixies, discover hidden secrets, and nd whether you and your friends can manage the Chaos at Hogwarts.

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Harry Potter New York Vr Experiences

We happened to be in the NYC area when the new Harry Potter VR experiences opened up at Harry Potter New York and were able to snag tickets for Wizards Take Flight!

Our flight time was for the last half hour the store was open, so we headed over right after dinner. We wanted plenty of time to shop and experience the Harry Potter store before our VR time.

One perk of getting VR tickets is that you are guaranteed entrance to the store itself. Without a VR reservation, you have to scan a QR code at the stores entrance to get a return time to come back later. This can be several hours later and there is no guarantee that youll be able to get in, especially if you scan the code later in the day. Even if you do get called back, youll have to make the trek to the store twice that day once to scan and once to enter.

There are two different VR experiences at the Harry Potter store Wizards Take Flight and Chaos at Hogwarts. In Wizards Take Flight, you fly on a broomstick around Hogwarts and London and fight Death Eaters. You wear a VR headset, hand sensors, and are seated the whole time. In Chaos at Hogwarts, you battle a variety of creatures, while wearing a VR headset, hand and foot sensors, and a light backpack. And in both experiences, you use a physical wand to cast your spells.

Head here for a great review of Chaos at Hogwarts!

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