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Are The Harry Potter Books Better Than The Movies

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Harry Never Gets His Signed Hogsmeade Permission Slip In The Movies

10 Things the Harry Potter Movies Did Better Than the Books

After trying and failing to get Vernon Dursley to sign his Hogsmeade permission slip at the beginning of “Prisoner of Azkaban,” Harry is forced to stay at school while everyone else enjoys the nearby wizard village.

The book includes a scene near the end where Harry receives a signed Hogsmeade permission slip from Sirius, who he recently discovered is his godfather and legal guardian.

However, that scene is left out of the movie, which creates some confusion in later films when he’s suddenly able to visit the village.

The Mortal Instruments: City Of Bones

Whos in it? Lily Collins, Jamie Campbell Bower, Robert Sheehan, Jemima West

Whats it about? Based on Cassandra Clares bestselling YA books, The Mortal Instruments revolves around a teenager named Clary Fray . When her mother gets kidnapped, she discovers that shes actually a Shadowhunter, destined to protect the human world from dark forces. But can she hone her talents in time to rescue her mother?

Hermione And Ron Are Completely Off In Prisoner Of Azkaban

As the film series progressed and different directors signed on, the characters went through transformations depending on which director was at the helm, and those shifts really affected Ron and Hermione in Alfonso Cuarón’s Prisoner of Azkaban.

Throughout the film, Ron, who can be sarcastic and snippy but has a sweet side, is kind of a jerk, especially in the way he treats Hermione. During one of Snape’s classes, when the cruel professor calls Hermione an “insufferable know it all,” Ron sticks up for her in the books and gets a detention for his trouble. In the movies, he agrees with Snape. To make matters worse, at the climax of the book, when the trio faces off with accused murderer Sirius Black , Ron stands on a broken leg to defend his friend, creating a touching moment. In the movie, Hermione gets the line, and it’s nothing more than a throwaway.

In contrast, Hermione, who is secretly taking every class Hogwarts offers during her third year with the help of a Time Turner, is self-assured and stress-free in the films, but in the books, the stress nearly breaks her. Ron and Hermione are great characters no matter what, but the third movie really distorts what’s amazing about both of them.

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Difference Between Harry Potter Books And Movies


Books have always been a persons best friend. There is plenty of genre one can find while browsing books to read. It can be fiction, thriller, fantasy, romance, drama, science fiction, mystery, supernatural, mythology, etc. One of the popular and most loved book series of all time is Harry Potter. The same story was later adapted for the movie, and we now also have the Harry Potter movie series. The story is about a Magic School called Hogwarts, where Witchcraft and Wizardry are taught. The story has the protagonist as Harry Potter and the antagonist as Voldemort.

Flight Of The Fat Lady

5 Things Harry Potter Books Did Better than the Movies ...
  • While the book has Peeves describe Sirius Black’s attack on the Fat Lady’s portrait after learning about this from her when he saw her in a portrait on the fourth floor, in the film it was the Fat Lady herself that described the attack from a nearby portrait.
  • In the book, while Harry cannot go to Hogsmeade and stays with Lupin, they spend their time in his office and Harry sees a Grindylow which Lupin was taking delivery of for their next lesson, while in the film, they are talking on the Wooden Bridge. This difference creates a continuity error in the seventh film when Lupin interrogates Harry after the Battle of the Seven Potters holding his wand to Harry’s face and asking him ‘what creature sat in the corner the first time Harry Potter visited my office in Hogwarts.’

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You Really Really Get Inside Harrys Head

There are oh-so-many emotions experienced during Harry Potters sometimes tragic adventures, but certain moments on display in the films are suddenly amplified when you realise just how much was going on in his head at the time.

Naturally, the books are able to bring Harrys emotions to the surface, pure Pensieve-style. They document Harrys pain more intensely than film can, making dark scenes even darker, such as Voldemorts rise in Goblet of Fire. And its not just the bad stuff: you learn more about his feelings, like how much he wrestled with his attraction to Ginny in Half-Blood Prince. When you go back and watch the film, you feel even worse for the guy.

Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes Has A Mysterious Benefactor

Throughout both the books and the films, Ron’s twin brothers Fred and George Weasley serve as comic relief. As Hogwarts’ pranksters in chief, the two are always creating some sort of mischief, and ultimately, they drop out of Hogwarts before they finish their seventh and final year to open a joke shop in Diagon Alley. To nobody’s surprise, the twins’ venture, which they name Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes, is a huge success, but in the movies, one huge question remains: Who gave them the startup money for such an expensive business?

If you’ve read the books, you know the answer. After taking home the entirety of the prize money for the Triwizard Tournament which ends in tragedy and the death of fellow Hogwarts champion Cedric Diggory in Goblet of Fire, Harry doesn’t want the 1,000 Galleons he receives. By giving it to Fred and George, he finances their future, but in the movies, you never see this act of generosity.

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Ginny & Harrys Romance

The romance between Harry and Rons little sister makes much more sense in the books, as the characters are often seen interacting, at least enough to develop a real dynamic and chemistry.

In the movies, however, Ginny has far less screen-time and Harrys sudden infatuation with his best friends sibling towards the end of the saga doesnt really make much sense.

Throughout the movies, he doesnt seem much interested in Ginny beyond having respect for her as Rons baby sister. Throughout most books though, Harrys hots for Ginny is often mentioned.

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Sorcerer’s Stone Is Missing One Of Its Smartest Scenes

5 Things Harry Potter Books Did Better than the Movies – Harry Potter Explained

After Ron sacrifices himself in the Sorcerer’s Stone quest and is left injured, Harry and Hermione are forced to continue on alone, and in the books, they progress into a challenge set by Hogwarts’ brilliant yet cold Potions master, Severus Snape . Lined up in front of them is a series of bottles, some of which contain poison or nettle wine but two of which are important: Fire now surrounds them on both sides, and one bottle will move a single drinker toward the Stone, while the other will let the drinker return to previous rooms.

Hermione might lose her cool during stressful situations, but as a deeply logical person, she handily solves Snape’s difficult puzzle. In the books, she’s rewarded with House points for her victory. However, the movies leave this scene out entirely, which is puzzling, considering that it robs this important character of her biggest moment during the quest for the Stone.

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Something Darker This Way Comes

The trajectory of the Harry Potter series is one that trends toward darkness, and, as its protagonists matured, so did the material. Starting with The Goblet of Fire, Harry, Ron and Hermione were confronted by a host of adult issues, not to mention general teenage angstiness . The books were undeniably powerful as our heroes were put through the emotional wringer, but the movies committed to this darker tone, in a way the novels never fully felt comfortable embracing.

Director David Yates, who helmed the final four films, is largely responsible for infusing his films with a consistent visual aesthetic that paralleled the darkening of the once bright and hopeful world. This grittiness and heightened realism in an inherently unrealistic universe in the back-half of the franchise allowed the films to transcend the trappings of the young adult genre.

Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children

Whos in it? Eva Green, Asa Butterfield, Chris O’Dowd, Allison Janney

Whats it about? When 16-year-old Jake Portman goes to Miss Peregrine’s School for Peculiar Children, an institution designed for kids with magical abilities, hes tasked with protecting the children. But before long, he gets involved in a dark mystery and everything is not what it seems.

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I Wanna Dance With Somebody

The Harry-Ron-Hermione love triangle is a debate that rages on in fan communities to this day, but the seventh film scored a major win in the Harry-Hermione column thanks to this scene.

On the run as fugitives, Harry and Hermione find themselves alone after Ron flees in a fit of frustration. Its one of the most depressing moments in the franchise, when the trios seemingly unbreakable bond is tested outside the confines of Hogwarts. To comfort Hermione, whos developed romantic feelings for Ron, Harry simply extends his hand, as Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds O Children plays on the radio.

She is initially hesitant, as the two awkwardly step around each other, but they soon embrace the moment and break into a dance and smiles , providing much-needed relief.

The two might not have a romantic relationship , but theres a love and understanding between them that this scene captures better than any moment in the book.

The Films Ignore Sirius Black’s Will

All The Times The

Kreacher is the Black family’s house-elf, who Sirius leaves to Harry in his will, along with his family home at 12 Grimmauld Place.

This explains why Kreacher, who’s typically antagonistic toward Harry and his friends, suddenly has to follow his orders in “Deathly Hallows.” However, in the films, they don’t mention the will, so it just seems like the house-elf had a change of heart.

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There’s Something Everyone Can Enjoy In The Films

Rachel: The Harry Potter films arent just for kids, okay? My Dad has been known to kick back with an HP film on occasion and hes a businessman in his 50s. Gary says that the calibre of the actors provides a high level of professionalism from a young age until the end. The films feature some of the UKs best-loved actors, but actors that appeal to all generations.

If you love action and adventure films, youre destined to love the films because both of those things abound. Theres romance too — albeit awkward teenage romance — and heartwarming friendship. What’s not to like? Theres the odd spot of horror — remember Aragog the creepy spider? What about Professor Quirrells double-sided head? Gross.

Sam: Everything you mention above is in the books too, and it’s done so much better. Terror? I felt way more tense reading about the Forbidden Forest than I did watching it on screen. Action and adventure? The books are much, much more exciting and fast-paced than the awkwardly plotted films. You mention Professor Quirrell’s double-sided head , but I can barely remember how that scene even looked in the films — everything in the books has stayed with me, but the films were forgettable in comparison.

Sorry, Gary, but next time you want to kick back after work you should pick up one of Rowling’s novels instead.

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The Tragic Story Of What Happened To Neville’s Parents Is Largely Skipped Over In The Films

Neville Longbottom plays an increasingly significant role throughout the book and film series, but his backstory, specifically what happened to his parents, was largely left out of the movies.

Alice and Frank Longbottom only appear in the films in a photograph that Sirius shares with Harry in “Order of the Phoenix.”

However, in the fifth book, Harry, Ron, and Hermione accidentally meet Neville’s parents in their hospital room at St. Mungo’s Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries. After they were attacked, captured, and tortured during the First Wizarding War, they both experienced severe mental-health complications that kept them from reentering society or raising their son.

All of this serves as a key motivation for including Neville in the final fight against Voldemort and provides readers with a more in-depth look at the character, but the scene wasn’t included in the fifth movie.

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It’s Not Clear How The Snatchers Find The Trio In Deathly Hallows

In “Deathly Hallows,” Voldemort puts a jinx on his own name in order to trace any wizard who uses it because he knows that the trio, Dumbledore’s Army, and the Order of the Phoenix are the only wizards who would dare speak his name out loud.

In the book, the trio is caught twice because of this jinx: first while escaping Bill and Fleur’s wedding and then again when they’re hiding in the forest looking for Horcruxes.

In the film, they are also attacked in the same instances, but the movie avoids explaining the jinx on Voldemort’s name. The Death Eaters and snatchers just happen to find their hiding places with no explanation.

The Kid Who Would Be King

20 Things the Harry Potter Movies Did BETTER than the Books – Harry Potter Explained

Whos in it? Louis Ashbourne Serkis, Tom Taylor, Rebecca Ferguson

Whats it about?The Kid Who Would Be King tells the story of 12-year-old Alex, who discovers King Arthur’s legendary sword Excalibur. With the help of his friends and a wizard, Alex must use the magical weapon to save humanity from a dangerous enchantress.

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The Double Trouble Song

Music was absolutely part of the book series , but the movies expertly incorporated song to give the world of Harry Potter an added texture.

Just think about The Weird Sisters performance at the Yule Ball or Harry and Hermione dancing to Nick Cave and how music enhanced the story in ways that the original source material never could.

But, if we had to chose, the wizarding Grammy would definitely go to Double Trouble, a song performed by Hogwarts resident a cappella group that we for some reason never hear from again. The foreboding song perfectly hints at at the darkness to come in the third film, while also blessing the world with the worlds first toad baritones. Honestly, were still waiting for the club remix.

Bellatrix And Hermione’s Scene

In the book, we don’t actually see Bellatrix torturing Hermione at Malfoy Manor. Rather, we hear her casting the torture spell and hear Hermione’s screams. In the movie, however, we get the chilling visual as Bellatrix carves the word “mudblood” into Hermione’s arm, reminding us of how evil the death eaters truly are.

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Voldemort’s Backstory Is Incomplete

During Half-Blood Prince, as Dumbledore and Harry attempt to understand the Dark Lord’s lifelong obsession with mysterious Dark objects called Horcruxes, they investigate several different memories regarding Voldemort’s past. While the film shows a young Voldemort then Tom Riddle as a young orphan given the chance to go to Hogwarts, as well as a compromised memory between Riddle and a Hogwarts professor, it cuts out some other key moments.

In the films, you never learn that after graduating, Riddle gave up several job offers to seek rare magical objects at the Dark store Borgin and Burkes, and after that, he returns to Hogwarts to ask Dumbledore for a job. These key memories help tell Harry where and what Voldemort’s Horcruxes might be, and although it makes sense that they were left out of the film’s long runtime, the story isn’t complete without them.

Peter Pettigrews Silver Hand Becomes So Much More Significant

Harry Potter: 5 Ways The Books Are Better Than The Movies ...

During Goblet of Fire, both book and movie, Peter Pettigrew sacrifices his hand in order to help bring Voldemorts body back from the dead once and for all. Later on, Voldemort rewards Pettigrew with a glistening, silver hand to replace it.

In the movies, thats the end of that. Pettigrew just has a cool hand. However, in Deathly Hallows, the book, we realise the hand has a sinister agenda. After saving Pettigrews life in Prisoner of Azkaban, Harry points out to him during a struggle in the final book that he owes him, and Pettigrew momentarily releases Harry. The hand then strangles Pettigrew to death for his display of weakness making it far more than a mere accessory.

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All The Times The ‘harry Potter’ Movies Were Better Than The Books

Disclaimer: Before my mentions are flooded with angry memes of McGonagall side-eyes and Ron Weasley telling me to sort out my priorities, lets get one thing clear. Of course, the Harry Potter book series is infinitely better than the film adaptations, but that doesnt mean we cant appreciate things the movies did pretty well, OK?

With a collective 4,224 pages spanning seven internationally beloved installments, adapting the Harry Pottersaga for the big screen is a challenge that would make even the most fearless wizard nervous. Few texts in recent memory have been as fiercely protected by its fans, as J.K. Rowlings world of witchcraft and wizardry won over a generation of young readers who simply couldnt get enough. Seriously, if given the opportunity, Dumbledore would probably be like, Eh, pass. Too risky.

But from the beginning, the series always seemed primed for the big screen with its fantastical settings and climactic action sequences, not to mention the potential payday that could fill multiple bank vaults at Gringotts. With the development in film technology and, of course, Rowlings permission, Harry, Ron and Hermione were lifted from the page and onto the screen in 2001 with Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone. The wildly successful opening launched a decadelong franchise that brought the magic to the audiences with varying degrees of success, ranging from outstanding , exceeds expectations and poor .

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