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Harry Potter T Shirts Etsy

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Is Etsy Really The Best Place To Sell

DIY Harry Potter Inspired Shirt || Cricut Tutorial

Lots of potential sellers wonder, is it worth selling on Etsy? Etsy is a good start for any creator looking to get a jump start on their DIY craft or handmade item business.

Etsy is an easy to use platform with a super engaged existing customer base which you can just tap into by making sure your listings, marketing and SEO are on point.

When youre a new seller learning the ropes, the last thing you want to do is spend monthly fees on a platform like Shopify only to struggle to drive traffic and sell anything.

You could test your idea on Etsy first before moving to a self hosted website.

Wedding Items & Accessories

The key to best selling wedding items and accessories? Personzaliation.

Theres a key trend running throughout the bestsellers in Etsys wedding category, and thats sellers offering buyers the opportunity to personalize pretty much every inch of their item, which makes sense given how important wedding days are for most couples.

Dont forget about the pre-wedding celebrations either, the average couple spends at least $579 each on their bachelorette and bachelor parties according to Wedding Wire.

Capitalize on these special moments by offering personalization as an added service.

Some of the top selling items on Etsy in this category include:

  • Wedding Invitations

Example successful shops in this category:

  • OurFriendsEclectic

How Much Money Can You Make From Etsy

As much as you like, which is what makes starting your own business truly amazing!

There are people banking over $30,000 a month from Etsy and then there are people making a small side hustle income like me.

The average person on Etsy makes anywhere between $100-500 profit a month.

Your income earning potential depends on the demand for your products, how quick you can make them, your marketing efforts as well as your average profit margins

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Vat On Processing Fee + Other Vat Taxes

Etsy does have a VAT on processing fee which again varies depending on the cost of your item and the cut Etsy takes. They use a slightly complicated percentage of a percentage method.

This is what Etsy states on its beginner guide to Etsy fees, This rate and percent vary by country. The fees are taken from the items total sale price, including its shipping fees, and any applicable sales tax.

However, you might also notice your items are more expensive than the price you set. This is often due to various taxes inflating the cost of your product.

VAT varies based on where youre located in the world as well as where your shopper is buying from.

If you have an item that can be bought by people in the UK, they will see VAT pre-added to your item cost. Etsy automatically calculates this and collects it for you. This fee will not come out of your profit, but rather the customer pays it.

Harry Potter Shirts: Hufflepuff Ravenclaw Gryffindor & Slytherin T

Hogwarts Harry potter shirt bleach tie dye graphic tee

You dont have a closet-full collection of Harry Potter tees? You know what we say to that, dont you? Riddikulus.

Dont worry, were here to help. Accio Hot Topic Harry Potter Tee Collection.

Harry Potter heads, welcome to the next best thing to the Wizarding world alohomora your way into the Hot Topic Harry Potter Tea collection.

Whether youre a Gryffindor or a Slytherin , theres a must-have t-shirt awaiting you in this collection. Wands or not, this collection is for youwhether youve been a fan since the first book or youre just a Harry Potter movie junkie .

Not having your very own Harry Potter shirt to rep your all-time fave franchise is a punishment worthy of the crucio curse . The solution for this? A quick HP shopping spree, of course.

Need a little magical inspo to get this witchcraft and wizardry shopping scroll going? We got you. Peep collection faves like our Harry Potter Dobby is Free Frame T-shirt, our Harry Potter Gryffindor Lion T-shirt, our Harry Potter Slytherin House Tarot Tie-Dye T-shirt, or even our Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore Niffler T-shirt .

Got a magical hankering for even more Harry Potter merch? Check out our comprehensive Harry Potter, check out our Harry Potter Collection, an overflowing selection of magical goodies like merch, collectibles, house decor, and so much more.

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Diagon Alley Mini Backpack


Get ready for your next year at Hogwarts with this stylish teal colored miniature backpack from Loungefly. Everything you could expect to see on your shopping journey to Diagon Alley can be found here! Potions, robes and other magical supplies adorn the all-over print of the main body of the bag, while stunning die cut artwork of textbooks, an owl and the Sorting Hat feature prominently on the front pocket. From the exquisite stitching to the Hogwarts crest charm zipper tab, no detail of this backpack has been left untouched!

We Solemnly Swear You’ll Be Obsessed With These 50+ Harry Potter Gifts On Etsy

As POPSUGAR editors, we independently select and write about stuff we love and think you’ll like too. If you buy a product we have recommended, we may receive affiliate commission, which in turn supports our work.

Any time of year is the right time of year to buy Harry Potter gifts for other people and most importantly, for yourself. While we of course love official merchandise and collections as much as the next Potterhead, the reason Etsy items stand out so much is because they are made with love by the biggest fans in the world. We rounded up the best Harry Potter gifts on Etsy, from bookmarks and bracelets to wine glasses, posters, and phone cases.

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Personalized Items Are Hot Sellers

On Etsy, the ability to personalize and customize the item is king in the eyes of the customer.

Not to mention, personalization naturally commands a higher price which customers expect to pay.

80% of shoppers are more likely to buy from a company that offers personalized experiences, with 44% of them saying they will likely become repeat buyers.

If you can offer personalization via a label, custom engraving or even just a thank you note, you will likely see more sales.

How Do Beginners Sell Successfully On Etsy

How To Make A Harry Potter Shirt! Cricut Project!

I often receive messages asking How do I increase sales on Etsy or even get my first sale?. Selling well on Etsy comes down to four main things:

  • A successful jewellery store owner on Etsy told me she first started off making a certain kind of jewellery that didnt sell well.

    She then switched her product to bohemian style jewellery and within months she started making 1,000+ orders per week.

    The foundation of any successful Etsy shop starts with a successful product. I go into much more detail on how to pick a winning product in my post 18 easy things to make and sell online.

    If you started to get lots of orders, could you make and ship them before the customer became frustrated?

    Choose an item that can be made in batches, or at the very least, clearly state that your item is made to order, and so takes X amount of days or weeks to prepare.

  • Etsy SEO involves making sure your titles, tags, product description and imagery are all relevant and up to date.

    Your photography will either make a person purchase or send them back to the search listings.

    Its worth investing in some decent lights and a good quality camera to make your items pop on screen.

    Bonus, this data by Sprout Social further shows that pinners buy what theyre passionate about.

    What does this mean for you as an Etsy seller? You need to get your shops items pinned on Pinterest! Its a quick and easy way to start generating profit early in the game.

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    Are There Any Real Etsy Success Stories

    Absolutely! According to Jennie Smith, Etsys former seller growth manager, around 26% of sellers run their Etsy shops as full-time businesses. Thats a really healthy figure!

    Some notable success stories to take a look at:

  • Maeven Vintage the seller was able to scale their Etsy shop to a US recognised brand, and even started hosting pop-up stores in New York.
  • Three Bird Nest often referred to as Etsys richest seller, made news headlines when her shop generated over $70,000 a month in revenue.
  • Bohemian Findings a shop that sold raw craft materials rather than a finished product, was used to seeing up to 500 orders a day.
  • Diagon Alley Spirit Jersey


    This long-sleeved spirit jersey reads Welcome to Diagon Alley with a Diagon Alley street sign in gold foil transfer on the front chest. On the back, Diagon Alley is emblazoned in metallic gold font broadly across the shoulders. Minalimas exclusive artwork of Diagon Alley can be seen printed on the bottom back down to the hem, and offers up a stunning street scene of the various magical shops in cerulean blue. Showing off your Harry Potter fandom has never been so fun or so bold.

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    Self Care Gift Hampers

    If last year taught us anything its that we need to look after ourselves a little more, and Etsy shoppers thought so too.

    A whopping 200,000 care hampers, ranging from tea hampers, pamper boxes and positivity packages were sold on Etsy during November and December 2020 alone! That trend is only set to continue as people adopt self care into their everyday routine.

    Who Is The Original Content Creator

    Ravenclaw t shirt Harry Potter shirt Hogwarts house shirt

    Just as I mentioned before with Disney coming after people for breaking copyright law when people werent even making ANY money off of their brand, not all companies are like that. Etsy explains:

    Some intellectual property owners may see a specific use as free advertising, fan art, or otherwise fair. However, others may see a similar use as lost licensing profits, branding issues, and/or copyright infringement Different intellectual property owners may have different ideas for what constitutes infringement, and what they deem as fair and good for their brand.

    In the end, assume youre not protected by fair use when you know youre using copyrighted material and/or creative derivative works of copyrighted material .

    How to Avoid Penalties for Copyright Infringement on Etsy

    Be original.

    Its no secret that most fan art, even a unique one-of-a-kind piece, isnt exactly original when its based off of an entire world created by someone else. If youre basing your work off of ideas, characters, books, movies, or anything else that another person created, then youre putting yourself at risk for copyright infringement. In order to truly be safe from copyright/intellectual property infringement on Etsy sell only original productsOR usecopyright-free assets that are in the Public Domain.

    Join our Cricut community on Facebook by joining ourCricut group:Any and All Things Cricut!

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    Harry Potter At Universal Studios

    Before I share my absolute favorite and unique Harry Potter T-Shirts, lets highlight a few of the things you need to know about The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios.

    This T-shirt is what led me down the path to find the most unique Harry Potter T-shirts. It says At my Favorite School with my Favorite Wizards. Its the perfect tee to visit Universal Studios.

    Unique Harry Potter T

    We may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in this post. At no extra cost to you, I only recommend products I have experience with. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

    If youre planning a trip to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios, you may want a few character items to wear on your trip. Even if you dont have a trip planned soon, show off your wizard pride with these Harry Potter t-shirts.

    When we visit Universal Studios, we see a lot of Harry Potter tees. Its definitely fun to show off your house pride, or your love for the Harry Potter franchise. I sought out a few original and fun tees that are sure to be a hit in the Wizarding World. These t-shirts are all handmade items found on Etsy.

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    The Ultimate List Of The Best Harry Potter T

    Whenever I try to find any Harry Potter themed merchandise, I immediately feel overwhelmed. Two hours later, Ive got about 20 tabs open on my computer and Im no closer to finding my dream item, or, rather, making a purchase. Theyre all my dream items! I hope Ive made it a little easier for anyone hunting down the perfect Harry Potter tee with these 36 awesome Harry Potter t-shirts. I tried to find unique t-shirts for every kind of stylefrom feminist to simple to artsyand for every size, from toddler tees to adult.

    What Is Etsy Really + What Every Shop Owner Needs To Know

    Harry Potter Shirts | Mail Time

    Etsy is an online global marketplace where you can sell your items. BUT, its not like Ebay or Amazon or Shopify or pretty much any other platform out there.

    Etsy is the go-to marketplace for unique, custom, vintage and craft goods.

    Etsy further states this on their about page In a time of increasing automation, its our mission to keep human connection at the heart of commerceour platform connects millions of buyers searching for an alternative, something special with a human touch.

    Knowing that Etsy is king for UNIQUE items, means run of the mill items customers could find in a high street store, probably arent going to cut it.

    Or at least, arent going to generate you a couple thousand dollars in sales. My bestseller is a personalizable childrens toy!

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    Do You Have To Pay Taxes On What You Sell On Etsy

    Yes! All Etsy sellers have to pay income taxes on their Etsy sales which means it must be declared to your national government when you start earning a profit.

    The threshold for paying income tax will depend on your countrys laws.

    Its worth noting, Etsy further states in its seller handbook, this is considered self-employment income.

    For more help on figuring out what you should be paying in taxes, check out Etsys seller handbook.

    Bestselling Categories On Etsy Based On Sales Volume

    Wondering what products sell well on Etsy that you can make as a beginner? Based on E-Rank data, a platform dedicated to spotting Etsy trends, as well as Etsys own best selling trends, the best-selling products on Etsy tend to fall into a few main, but crucial categories.

  • Crafts and Supplies
  • Art and Wall Prints
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    Pet Accessories & Treats

    Over 470 million pets live in our homes worldwide, with dogs being the most common. It probably comes at no surprise then that the pet care industry is worth a staggering $125 billion annually, with that figure set to grow year on year.

    On Etsy some of the top items in this category include personalizable food dishes, paw and nose balms, personalized blankets, amongst unusual pet treats, pet stocking fillers for Christmas and gift hampers.

    Ready Made Craft Kits

    Excited to share the latest addition to my #etsy shop: Soft Harry ...

    Cater for the beginner market with ready made craft kits, perfect for kids, amateur DIYers and gifting season.

    Think sock puppets, knitted unicorn creatures and even craft kits for simple wall art. DIY resin and clay making kits for couple date nights have also remained bestsellers for well over 4 years.

    Your packaging and photos are extremely important when selling kits as people want to clearly see what theyre getting for their money.

    Example successful shops in this category:

    • SockCreaturesUK

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    Harry Potter And The Movie Tees

    Show your love for the whole movie franchise with these Harry Potter T-shirts. Click on any of the links to shop directly or click on the images.

    This first one is a classic Harry Potter T-shirt, available in any of your standard Hogwarts House colors. .

    I know who Im voting for in the next election. Show your voting support here with this Dumbledore & Hagrid t-shirt.

    I love the retro look of this Hogwarts tee. .

    I love this sweet-looking Honeydukes tee shirt.

    Another in the sweet treats series. This tee comes in other colors to represent the other houses, but I personally like the blue.

    I love a bit of a mashup. Dont let the Muggles get you down is related to a quote from The Handmaids Tale.

    Theres always someone that says the book was better. Show them you agree by shopping this tee shirt that is just for the Harry Potter Book series.

    This could be how a Southerner might learn to wave wand magic in the wizarding world. Order multiple different colors here.

    If you get the phrase, Hold my beer, than this might be the t-shirt for you. Represent your butterbeer here.

    I love the subtlety with this sunflower tee.

    Hogwarts / Harry Potter Inspired T


    • Read the full list of materials

      Materials: Cotton, DTG ink

    Printed on 100% pre-shrunk cotton using the latest in screen-printing techniques.Shirt is printed on a Canvas ringspun cotton tee.Design created and owned by Hugs and Guns Graphics, LLC.OPTIONS:- Choose the shirt type – Choose size S, M, L, XL 2XL or 3XLPLEASE SPECIFY AT TIME OF CHECK OUT.Flavor Text:The school of Hogwarts is beloved by wizards and muggles alike. Most of us mere muggles will never get to see the beautiful sights of the castle and its grounds, so we have to make due with shirts like this one. Made with a minimalist touch to highlight the prominent features of the castle.

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