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Who Is Merlin In Harry Potter

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Merlin’s Hogwarts House Isn’t What Harry Potter Fans Would Think

Did Merlin Go to Hogwarts? When? Which House Was He In? – Harry Potter Explained

The world of Harry Potter is massive and inviting one that has a richly detailed history that still leaves enough room open for mystery and discussion. As a result, Harry Potter fans have gotten used to speculating and theorizing about a whole variety of different things related to the Wizarding World. It’s been over 20 years since the first Harry Potter book was published but whether it be wondering aloud about the function of certain magical abilities or speculating which real-life historical figures may have been wizards, fans have yet to run out of things in the Harry Potter franchise to talk about.

With that in mind, there are few things that Harry Potter fans like doing more than figuring out which Hogwarts house certain powerful wizards or historical figures might have been sorted into. Fortunately, fans have the ability to not only find out what Hogwarts houses they’d belong to, but the fictional world also does a pretty good job of revealing the Hogwarts house of almost every major character in both the Potter and Fantastic Beasts franchises.

Merlin’s Surprising Hogwarts House In Harry Potter

One of the great joys of the Wizarding World is how the stories of Harry Potter blend real-life history with age-old fantasy myths and folk tales. That means that one of the most famous fictional wizards of all time, Merlin, actually existed at one point in the Wizarding World. Thanks to some well-established lore, it’s also been speculated what Hogwarts house Merlin was sorted into, and the answer will probably come as a surprise to some Harry Potter fans.

Given Merlin’s role in most mystic tales as a force for good in the world, it’d be fair to assume that the wizard would have been a member of the more traditionally noble Hogwarts houses, like Gryffindor or Hufflepuff. However, according to Harry Potter Wiki, it’s said that Merlin was actually a member of the Slytherin house in fact, it’s rumored that he may have been taught by none other than Salazar Slytherin himself. His placement in Slytherin implies that Merlin was, in some regards, cunning and ambitious two traits that are not only present in most Harry Potter villains, but which are also fundamentally linked to that particular Hogwarts house.

However, while most of the villains in the Harry Potter series happen to be members of the Slytherin house, the books do also go out of their way to argue that by no means are all members of Slytherin evil. At least according to this theory, it appears the great sorcerer himself might fall into that category.

Harry: He Is The True Master Of Death

Harry came to possess the Invisibility Cloak from Dumbledore, as his father left it in Dumbeldore’s possession before he died. Harry was given the Resurrection Stone, another Deathly Hallow, inside the Snitch left to him in Dumbledore’s will. The Elder Wand ended up in Harry’s hands after he took Draco’s wand, which was the wand that had disarmed Dumbledore before he died.

He is told: “You are the true master of death because the true master does not seek to run away from Death. He accepts that he must die, and understands that there are far, far worse things in the living world than dying.”

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Merlin: 10 Characters Sorted Into Their Hogwarts Houses

Both Merlin and Harry Potter have a lot in common. However, if the characters of Merlin were ever to visit Hogwarts, what houses would they be in?

The BBC’s Merlin is an underrated gem among fantasy television shows, running for five seasons between 2008 to 2012. Merlin is one of the most well-known sorcerers in existence, but there is another wizard who rivals his fame among modern audiences: Harry Potter.

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Merlin had an incredibly talented cast of characters, but how would the sorcerer and his friends fare in Harry Potter’s wizarding world? It may seem like the knights should all be Gryffindors and the bad guys all Slytherins, but that isn’t necessarily the case among Merlin’s companions. If the characters had attended Hogwarts, these could be their houses.

Merlin: He Is The Greatest Sorcerer To Ever Walk The Earth

Merlin VS. Harry Potter

Merlin had many adversaries during his time in Camelot and every day brought a new threat to Arthur and the future Albion. Merlin is known by many as Emrys – “the greatest sorcerer to ever walk to earth.”

He withstood it all and he endured the pain of many close friends’ deaths. He sacrificed himself countless times, he put his destiny before himself and he tried to show that magic should be used for good.

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What Is Merlins Full Name

Myrddin WylltMerlins real name is Myrddin Wyllt. Myrddin is his given name, Wyllt is a family name, or his surname as a sixth century Celtic druid. Emrys is his druid name. When translated from original Welsh, and then anglicized, his druid name would be Ambrosius.

Its no secret that the character of Albus Dumbledore is inspired by the famous Arthurian sorcerer Merlin. Both are wise wizards with long beards and flowing cloaks who guide young men on their quests. Another shared aspect of Dumbledores and Merlins undoings is their foreknowledge of their own ends.

Who Is The Actor Who Plays Merlin In Harry Potter

Coincidentally, Colin Morgan, who plays Merlin in BBC Ones Merlin, was sorted into Slytherin in Wizarding World. The Harry Potter Wiki has 12 images related to Merlin. Given Hogwarts was founded in around 993 A.D. or earlier and that Merlin attended it, he must have been eleven by or after the schools founding. Accio Quote!

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Is King Arthur And Merlin Real

What is much clearer is that other elements of the story, like the wizard Merlin, Arthur’s sword Excalibur, wife Guinevere, and his Knights of the Round Table, are almost entirely fictional and appear together in Geoffrey of Monmouth’s c. 1136 AD chronicle The History of the Kings of Britain or its later adaptations.

In Harry Potter Who Is Merlin

The Story of Merlin (The Most Powerful Wizard) – Harry Potter Explained

In Harry Potter, who is Merlin and what is his role in wizarding history?

His contribution to the wizarding history is apparently known from the fact that some special honors are named after him, such as the Order of Merlin .Did he live around the time of the four founders of Hogwarts?

Harry Potter Lexicon says, Merlin was:

A Charms specialist sometimes known as “The Prince of Enchanters ” Merlin is unquestionably the most famous wizard of all time. Merlin was part of the Court of King Arthur . He believed that wizards should help Muggles and therefore created the Order of Merlin to support laws protecting and benefiting Muggles.

Merlin is definitely a very renowned name in the wizarding world of Harry Potter. This is evident from the children’s usage of “Merlin’s Beard” as an exclamatory phrase every now and then.

Merlin’s Chocolate Frog card read:

“Medieval, dates unknown. Most famous wizard of all time. Sometimes known as the Prince of Enchanters. Part of the Court of King Arthur.”

It is also said that he studied at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and was sorted in the Slytherin House.

More on Merlin :

  • 9I don’t recall the children ever using the phrase “Merlin’s Beard” I remember it mostly from Professor Slughorn.Apr 6 ’14 at 1:06

Pottermore offers the following snippet of information I’ll put it below under spoiler tags:

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Harry Potter Vs Bbc’s Merlin: 5 Ways Harry Is The Better Wizard

Harry Potter and BBC’s Merlin, two powerful wizards with a weighty destiny and a lot of responsibility. But who is the better wizard between the two?

There are many myths and legends surrounding Merlin, even within the Harry Potter universe. BBC’s Merlin features a young, talented and endearing sorcerer who seeks guidance from the knowledgable Gaius while fulfilling his destiny to save Arthur and bring about Albion.

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Harry Potter is The Chosen One. The one who was chosen by Voldemort himself to fulfill the prophecy of his defeat. So, who is the greater wizard? Whose magic was more powerful? Who was greater supported in times of hardship? What was the content of their character when graced with such a burden?

Who Is More Powerful Dumbledore Or Merlin

All the same, it’s clear that Merlin is hands-down one of the most powerful and influential wizards of all time and we’re betting he was at least a little bit more talented than Dumbledore. … But even way back in Merlin’s era, wizards were still a known quantity, so it’s not like people had nothing to compare him to.

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The Founders Of Hogwarts

Now, anyone can lay claim to a piece of land and found a school, but the founders of Hogwarts were no ordinary wizards and witches. They were all skilled individuals, but all have their niches Gryffindor was a master duelist, Ravenclaw was a genius architect, Slytherin was a master Ligilimens and Hufflepuff was skilled in Charms. Taking all of this into account, intelligent wizards such as these are more than capable of teaching students magic.

Merlin: He Is Crucial In Order For Things To Change

64 best images about merlin/harry potter crossover on ...

Merlin and Arthur are two sides of the same coin. Without Merlin, Arthur cannot succeed in bringing peace to Camelot. Although Arthur dies in the end, stabbed with a blade forged in a Dragon’s breath, Merlin continues to live and he continues to wait for Arthur’s return.

Arthur is said to return when Albion’s need is greatest. Merlin has dedicated himself to his destiny – to the union of magic and to the future he knows will come. He is alone, broken-hearted, and defeated in spirit, with nothing but his will and his belief carrying him onward.

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‘merlin’ & ‘harry Potter’ Connection Grows

The list of the season’s “Merlin” guest stars who have appeared in the “Harry Potter” films grows Friday when Harry Melling steps into “The Sorcerer’s Shadow.”

Melling, who has played Harry Potter’s magic-hating cousin, Dudley Dursley, wields his own wizarding skills in the episode premiering at 9 p.m. March 25 on Syfy. He plays Gilli, a small-but-lethal competitor in Camelot’s legendary fighting tournament. He’s lethal because he has magic on his side.

With King Uther and Prince Arthur as Gilli’s likely opponents, Merlin is torn buy his new friend’s use of his powers. He endangers himself, Merlin’s king and prince, and Camelot itself.

Other “Harry Potter” alumni have guest starred this season, including Miriam Magolyes portrayed the possessed troll Grunhilda in “The Changling” episode Warwick Davis was the mystical Gettir, gatekeeper to the land of the Fisher King in “The Eye of the Phoenix” and in “Goblin’s Gold,” the voice of the mischievous goblin was provided by Mark Williams . John Hurt, who provides the voice of the Great Dragon on “Merlin,” has appeared in three “Harry Potter” films as Mr. Ollivander.

Did Harry And His Friends Receive The Order Of Merlin After Voldemorts Defeat

After the death of Voldemort in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, was the Order of Merlin awarded to Harry, Ron, Hermione and also their friends?

Is there any reference for it?

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  • Harry and his friends defeated you-know-who? Spoiler alert! I haven’t read the last book yet! :-)Jul 4 ’15 at 4:55
  • Its been 8 years the book released..

Probably, but its not been confirmed.

In some writing for Pottermore, JK Rowling gave the conditions for receiving an Order of Merlin:

The First Class Order is awarded for outstanding bravery or distinction in magic, the Second Class is awarded for achievement or endeavour beyond the ordinary, and the Third Class is given to those who have made a contribution to our store of knowledge or entertainment.

Clearly the trio fulfil the conditions for a First Class Order. It seems likely that, under these conditions, they would have received the award, but it hasnt been mentioned in the canon .

There are no interviews or Pottermore updates that confirm or refute their OoM status. Its likely well get an answer when Pottermore reaches Deathly Hallows.

There is nothing to indicate that he did in the entire series. The most recent detail we have comes from Pottermore:

It is important to note that awards in the Harry Potter universe, much like our own are politicized. Also from Pottermore:

It is possible that Harry, even if he were offered a first class Order of Merlin award, might have turned it down.

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Nymphadora ‘don’t Call Me Nymphadora’ Tonks

I love Tonks. A metamorphmagus, Tonks had the natural ability to transform her facial features to entertain and to hide her identity, which was excellent for espionage. She was also young for an Auror which speaks volumes about her magical skill.

Glad she was on our side now, huh?

She survived her first two encounters with Bellatrix Lestrange and could perform magic nonverbally. She was also a natural in defensive magic and received a N.E.W.T. in Potions.

Harry: He Was Nurtured By Many

Merlin Trailer (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows)

Harry was nurtured, despite the death of his parents and the abuse during his time with the Dursleys. He was loved and cared for by many. He had a mother’s love in the form of Molly Weasley, who treated him as her own son. He was protected and seen as an equal by Arthur Weasley. He was loved fiercely and supported by his godfather, Sirius Black. He was taught by Remus Lupin, his school educator and his parents’ friend.

He was loved too much by Dumbledore, who cared for him too deeply, something Dumbledore failed to avoid. All of these figures contributed to his growth and understanding of what needed to be done.

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Merlin: He Is Magic Itself

“Merlin, you are more than a son of your father. You are the son of the earth, the sea, the sky. Magic is the fabric of this world, and you were born of that magic. You are magic itself.” Merlin doesn’t need a wand to cast a spell.

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When Gaius first meets Merlin, Merlin saves him from a serious fall. But Merlin doesn’t use an incantation – his eyes glow and his will is met – what he requires comes to pass through his magic. He feels the magic in the atmosphere and in the land around him, and he is one with it.

Harry: He Had A Magical Education

Harry was sent a letter from Hogwarts at the age of 11 – an invitation to attend a magical school for a magical education, a School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. He was able to train his abilities, learn from learned professors, practice potions and satiate his thirst for knowledge.

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Although Harry might not have appreciated the homework load, he appreciated the environment, that is, when he wasn’t the target of Voldemort during the school year. He gained knowledge which he put into action. He could go to a school and live in a world that allowed magic.

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Merlin Vs Harry Potter

Comparing these two wizards is somewhat difficult. Merlin lived in a time when his magic had to be hidden from many. While Harry had to hide his ability from Muggles, he had the love and support of a whole community behind him.

In many cases, Merlin had to achieve extraordinary goals without help from anyone. Harry had his friends and mentors who stepped in to help him when needed.

All this being said, Harry has the potential to become an even greater wizard than Merlin. For now, Merlin would come out on top simply from years of practice. Age does have its advantages.

Are There Any Paintings Or Portraits Of Merlin In Hogwarts If Not Why

Merlin BBC vs. Harry Potter

Why are there no portraits of Merlin at Hogwarts?

Merlin, in the Harry Potter series, was alive well after Hogwarts was founded and graduated from the school himself as a Slytherin, might I add. He went on to become one of, if not the most famous and powerful wizard of all time. He was also supposedly a friend of Sir Cadogan, a knight who was painted in Hogwarts.

So, if Merlin was a former student, a friend of, and therefore alive at the same time as, Sir Cadogan, and the most famous and powerful wizard of all time, how could there not be any portraits of him at Hogwarts?

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Why Do They Say Merlins Beard In Harry Potter

Merlins beard was used as an expression of dismay, much like the word alas. There was never any explanation as to how this expression came about.

It is possible that it refers to the long, flowing beard that Merlin had. It appears it was as impressive as the one Dumbledore had, but that is only conjecture.

Was Merlin Good Or Evil

In contemporary versions of the legend, Merlin is almost always depicted as good. T.H. White makes him a bumbling but wise teacher in The Once and Future King. BBC turns him into a young, foolish, but lovable magician who constantly defeats the forces of evil that plague Camelot in their series Merlin.

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