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What Is The Name Of The Wizard In Harry Potter

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Sirius Black Gary Oldman


Gary Oldman might have been unrecognizable as Winston Churchill in Darkest Hour, but you definitely recognized him when he won the Oscar for the role! Hes starred in many acclaimed movies since he wrapped on HP, the most notable being The Dark Knight Rises as Commissioner Gordon, The Hitmans Bodyguard and Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy.

Weak: Crabbe The Elder

The father of Draco Malfoy’s lackey, Vincent Crabbe, Mr. Crabbe was a Death Eater for Voldemort. Like Lucius Malfoy, Crabbe managed to escape punishment for his role as a Death Eater during the First Wizarding War, likely by claiming he’d been Imperiused. He joined Voldemort again after his return and was later sent to battle members of Dumbledore’s Army at the Department of Mysteries. In the Time Chamber, Harry Potter easily incapacitated Crabbe with a stunning spell. He was sent to Azkaban afterwards, but was later broken out and participated in the Battle of Hogwartsbut it is unknown if he survived.

A Mage In Avalon Unleashing The Fire Vortex

Agarwain, the Firebrand runs his hand through the fire vortex about his person, gathering flames and rolling up the fires into a ball  which he hurls off as an enormous fireball. Agarwain, the Firebrand directs his mighty elemental attention at Apple-cheeked Orr, whirling a supernaturally huge fireball into being. The white-hot fireball smashes into Apple-cheeked Orr with a crescendo of flame. Apple-cheeked Orr is covered in the white-hot fires of the exploding fireball.

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Names Of Famous Witches And Wizards

These Harry Potter names are dedicated to the famous magical people from the past and present.

99. Aiden: means “fiery”. Aiden Lynch is a seeker for the Irish Quidditch team.

100. Celestina: means “heavenly”.Celestina Warbeck is known as “the singing sorceress”.

101. Garrick: means one who governs with a spear”. The first name of the wand maker Ollivander.

102. Gilderoy: means “son of red-headed”. Gilderoy Lockhart is a famous author in the magic world.

103. Godric: means good person. Godric Gryffindor is one of the founders of Hogwarts.

104. Helena: means “bright light”.the Ravenclaw founder of Hogwarts.

105. Helga: means “holy”. One of the founders of Hogwarts.

106. Newton: means “new town”. Newton Scamander was a famous “magizoologist”.

107. Ollivander: means”he who owns an olive wand”. The family name of famous wandmakers.

108. Rita: the short form of Margartia meaning “pearl”. She is a journalist in the wizarding world.

109. Rowena: means “white-haired”.The Ravenclaw founder of Hogwarts.

110. Salazar: a name of Basque origin given to the Slytherin founder of Hogwarts.

Danielle Outen

Danielle was born and raised in London but has travelled all over the world chasing waves. Her mum is one of ten siblings, so she has always been surrounded by a massive network of family. Danielle is always looking for new and fun activities to do with her relatives. If it is outdoors and adventurous – even better!


Where: Paris France And London Uk

Harry Potter: What is your wizard life?

Originally pegged as a fantasy experience just for kids, ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’ went on to gross $1 billion worldwide.

As time has passed, the franchise went on to awaken a highly engaged and enthusiastic fanbase of all ages. Megafans need somewhere to gather, to find new ways to engage with their interests by dressing up, meeting their favourite characters, and sharing stories with other people just as passionate as them.

The queues outside each subsequent book launch and film premiere speak for themselves.

Several Potter-specific events that take place across Europe each year. The newest, Paris’s ‘Remember Years Of Magic’ gathering, saw people come together in Paris on December 4 and 5 to meet actors like Stanislav Ianevski and Devon Murray . Fans showed up in their hundreds and another event has been pencilled in for November next year.

It may seem like a step too far for some, but it’s no different to fans gathering at a concert to celebrate their favourite band, or meeting every weekend to support your favourite sports team.

‘Remember Years Of Magic’ joins Comic-Cons across Europe in celebrating the legacy of these books and films in a way that doesn’t appear to be faltering any time soon.

Education: An entire college of wizardry

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Tom Riddle Hero Fiennes Tiffin/christian Coulson/frank Dillane

Young Voldemort has had a few actors over the years. The youngest iteration of Tom Riddle was played by Hero Fiennes Tiffin in Half-Blood Prince flashbacks. If that name sounds familiar its because Hero is actually the nephew of Voldemort actor Ralph Fiennes. Hero Fiennes Tiffin can most recently be seen as the lead in Hulus After, based on the best-selling book. Hell be reprising that role in the 2020 sequel After We Collided.

Diary!Tom Riddle in Chamber of Secrets was played by Christian Coulson . He made multiple television appearances over the years, including Gossip Girl, The Good Wife, and multi-episode arcs in The Good Wife and Mozart in the Jungle.

The Hogwarts-aged version of Tom Riddle in Half-Blood Prince was played by Frank Dillane. Dillane went on to star in Ron Howards whale blockbuster In the Heart of the Sea, as well as nabbing one of the lead roles in the Walking Dead spinoff show Fear the Walking Dead. Post Fear, Dillane has also had starring roles in three films, including How To Build A Girl alongside fellow Potter actress Emma Thompson.

Kingsley Shacklebolt George Harris

Its been a while since youve heard this name. Harris most famous role was starring as Kingsley in the Harry Potter films, though he also had roles in Raiders of the Lost Ark, Black Hawk Down, and the 2011 Royal National Theatre adaptation of Frankenstein alongside Benedict Cumberbatch and Jonny Lee Miller. Since Potter, Harris has kept a low profile.

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Inspiration And Mother’s Death

Rowling worked as a researcher and bilingual secretary in London for Amnesty International, then moved with her boyfriend to Manchester where she worked at the Chamber of Commerce. In 1990, she was on a four-hour delayed train trip from Manchester to London when the idea “came fully formed” into her mind for a story of a young boy attending a school of wizardry. When she reached her Clapham Junction flat, she began to write immediately.

In December 1990, Rowling’s mother Anne died after suffering from multiple sclerosis for ten years. Rowling was writing Harry Potter at the time and had never told her mother about it. Her mother’s death heavily affected Rowling’s writing, and she channelled her own feelings of loss by writing about Harry’s grief in greater detail in the first book.

Uncle Vernon Richard Griffiths

All Harry Potter Magical Moments Compilation

Richard Griffiths perfectly portrayed the narrow-minded, unsympathetic Vernon Dursley, right up until his last appearance in Deathly Hallows: Part 1. Before his passing in 2013, he also appeared in the fourth Pirates of the Caribbean film, On Stranger Tides, Hugo, and in The Hollow Crown, the BBCs adaptation of Shakespeares historical tetralogy.

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The Founders Of Hogwarts

Now, anyone can lay claim to a piece of land and found a school, but the founders of Hogwarts were no ordinary wizards and witches. They were all skilled individuals, but all have their niches Gryffindor was a master duelist, Ravenclaw was a genius architect, Slytherin was a master Ligilimens and Hufflepuff was skilled in Charms. Taking all of this into account, intelligent wizards such as these are more than capable of teaching students magic.

Cedric Diggory Robert Pattinson

If theres only one actor youve kept hearing about post-Harry Potter, its probably Robert Pattinson. Cedric Diggory only featured in Goblet of Fire, but he still left a huge mark on the series, even coming up in a big way in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. On top of starring in the Twilight saga as the iconic Edward Cullen, Pattinson has starred in tons of movies, including The Lighthouse. Even more importantly, hes been cast as the DCEUs new Batman!

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Lucius Malfoy Jason Isaacs

Since Lucius Malfoy made his cowardly exit from the Harry Potter series, Jason Isaacs has enjoyed many roles. Some braver than the blonde Death Eater, and some not. Isaacs has appeared in some movies, but hes largely found his homes on TV. Hes starred in Netflixs The OA and Star Trek: Discovery, and has lent his iconic voice to Star Wars Rebels and The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance.

Where: The Netherlands France Belgium Germany And The Uk


Even if you can’t wrap your head around how groups of people can pretend to float on broomsticks chasing objects that are also meant to be floating Europe’s Quidditch scene has thrived since the release of ‘The Philosopher’s Stone’.

First played in the US in 2005, the sport quickly made its way over to Europe. The ‘Quidditch Premier League’ is made up of five countries and their sets of respective teams: The Netherlands, France, Belgium, Germany, and the UK, who invented it.

Real-life brooms are attached to every player in teams of seven, competing against each other until the ‘golden snitch’ is caught.

Lots of universities also have teams that play each other every weekend in independent national leagues, where the game is played on a hockey-sized pitch using a quaffle made from a slightly deflated volleyball and bludgers that are actually dodgeballs.

Each game’s ‘golden snitch’ is a tennis ball attached to a sports official, making for a cat-and-mouse chase between them and the Harry Potter of each team, the seeker.

The cultivation of this fantastical hobby and the game’s open-minded approach to who can play has resulted in an unprecedented amount of people engaging in exercise that works for them 25,000, to be precise.

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Parvati Patil Shefali Chowdhury

Like her in-film sister, Chowdhury first appeared in Goblet of Fire, and returned for Order of the Phoenix and Half-Blood Prince. She did not, however, continue with either Deathly Hallows film. It would appear acting has not been on her radar, as her only roles post-Potter were in three short films: two in 2015 and one in 2019.

The 10 Strongest And 10 Weakest Wizards In Harry Potter

Warning: contains spoilers forHarry Potterbooks 1-7 and their movie adaptations.

In the world of J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter books, the relative power of different witches and wizards is sometimes hard to judge. That being said, there are some characters who obviously stand out as the most powerful or as the weakest. We can’t include underage or student wizards, because they have not yet reached their full potential. Similarly, non-magical Squibs and magical creatures like house elves don’t qualify, either. Instead, we’re including only adult witches and wizardscomparing their skills and power when they were at their prime. With that in mind, here’s our list of the 10 strongest and 10 weakest wizards found in the original seven Harry Potter books.

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Mrs Weasley Julie Walters

Everyones favorite Wizarding World mom ended her Harry Potter career on a high note. Molly Weasley survived the final film, and had one of the most iconic lines in the series, Not my daughter, you bitch! Unsurprisingly, Walters acting career never faltered post-HP. She continued to star in many UK-centric projects including The Hollow Crown, both Paddington films, Brooklyn, , as well as both Mamma Mia films.

Peter Pettigrew Timothy Spall

Dumbledore Was A Tri-Wizard Champion | Harry Potter Theory

A household name before and after Harry Potter, Timothy Spall has been in countless films and television shows over the course of his career. Since Deathly Hallows: Part 2 his most notable roles were in both Alice in Wonderland films alongside numerous other Harry Potter stars, as well as starring in Mr. Turner in which he was nominated for many Best Actor awards.

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Order Of The Phoenix Names

The Order of the Phoenix is a group of good witches and wizards fighting against the Dark Lord. These Harry Potter baby names are perfect to set your child up to be a strong fighter for justice.

57. Alastor: means “avenger”. He isalso known as Mad-Eye Moody.

58. Andromeda: means “ruler of men”. Andromeda is the sister of Bellatrix Lestrange but an ally to the Order.

59. Arabella: means “yielding to power”. Arabella watched over Harry Potter as a boy.

60. Elphias: means “eager for war”. Elphias is one of Dumbledore’s oldest friends.

61. Emmeline: means “hardworking” and s sweet girl name.

62. Fletcher: means “seller of arrows”.Mundungus Fletcher is a member of the Order.

63. Hestia: is an Auror. Hestia was the Greek goddess of the hearth.

64. James: means “supplanter”. James is Harry’s father.

65. Kingsley: means from the kings meadow. He worked for the Ministry of Magic.

66. Lily: Lily J. Potter is Harrys mother.

67. Molly: The mother of the Weasley family.

68. Nymphadora: Nymphadora Tonks is one quirky member of the Order. Her name has reference to nymphs in Greek mythology.

69. Rufus: means “red-haired”. Rufus Scrimgeour becomes a Minister of Magic.

The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter

The idea of ‘Hollywood magic’ takes many forms at Universal Studios Hollywood, but it seems especially apt in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. With rides, shops and no shortage of Butterbeer, fans will find themselves transported into the world of the beloved boy wizard.

Even if you dont know all of the nuances of the bespectacled kid with a lightning-bolt-shaped scar, there is an abundance of whimsy and fun in the six-acre attraction. The village-style setting has, as its focus, the iconic Hogwarts Castle, home to the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Inside, underneath its soaring ceilings, you can wander the hallowed halls lined with portraits thatjust like in the books and filmtalk. Peruse the office of headmaster Albus Dumbledore, look around the Defence Against the Dark Arts classroom and visit the Gryffindor Common Room, where Harry and his fellow housemates have been known to complain about those sullen Slytherin students.

Ride your own broomstick for thrills that combine robotics, elaborate action sequences and immersive visceral effects.

The signature attraction, Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey, lets you ride your own broomstick for a set of thrills that combines a robotics system, elaborate filmed action sequences and immersive visceral effects. Outside the castle, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is also home to the first outdoor rollercoaster at Universal Studios Hollywood, the family-friendly ‘Flight of the Hippogriff’.

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Mr Ollivander John Hurt

John Hurt is British acting royalty who unfortunately passed away in January 2017. Hes had roles in over 200 films and television shows, and has the unique honor of having played the most characters that have died on screen. He bookended the Harry Potter franchise, having appeared in the first and last films. Aside from Potter, his notable roles are truly countless. You name it, hes been in it.

Does Cedric Become A Death Eater

Pin on Potter head

Cedrics death is a major plot point in the stage play Harry Potter and the Cursed Child where Harry and Ginny Weasleys son Albus uses a Time-Turner and prevents Cedrics death. Due to his humiliation in the Triwizard Tournament, Cedric eventually becomes a Death Eater and kills Neville Longbottom.

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Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets

In the second book, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Rowling pits Harry against Tom Riddle, Lord Voldemort’s “memory” within a secret diary which has possessed Ron’s younger sister Ginny. When Muggle-born students are suddenly being Petrified, many suspect that Harry may be behind the attacks, further alienating him from his peers. Furthermore, Harry begins to doubt his worthiness for House of Gryffindor, particularly considering he discovers he shares Lord Voldemort’s ability to communicate with snakes via Parseltongue. In the climax, Ginny disappears. To rescue her, Harry battles Riddle and the monster he controls that is hidden in the Chamber of Secrets. To defeat the monster, Harry summons the Sword of Godric Gryffindor from the Sorting Hat supplied by Dumbledore’s pet phoenix, Fawkes. In doing so, Dumbledore later restores Harry’s self-esteem by explaining that that feat is clear proof of his worthiness of his present house.

Top 110 Harry Potter Baby Names For Your Little Wizards

It can be a tough decision when naming your baby, so why not try one of these bewitching Harry Potter baby names?

The magical world of Harry Potter with its charming characters has been enchanting the whole world for several years. It is no wonder that Harry Potter baby names are popular, with their spellbinding roots.

Whether you’re a Harry Potter superfan or simply want a magical baby name for your newborn, look no further. We have compiled a list of Harry Potter inspired baby names. Some are popular baby names and some baby names are completely unique Potter baby names.

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Who Was The Professor In Harry Potter

Potions, 1981-1996 Defence Against the Dark Arts, 1996-1997
Silvanus Kettleburn Care of Magical Creatures, Unknown-1993
Sybill Trelawney

Who is the best professor in harry potter?

Harry Potter: The Best Professors At Hogwarts Ranked By Teaching Ability


is Mr Filch professor McGonagall’s son?ProfessorMcGonagallFilchsFilch


Where: Czocha Castle Poland

Harry Potter Filmmakers | Wizards Chess w/ Gary Tomkins and Neil Lamont

If Durham University’s Harry Potter module wasn’t all-encompassing for you, a trip to Czocha Castle between the years 2015-2019 might have done the trick.

The novelty experience to end all novelty experiences saw swathes of live-action roleplayers granted the chance to be a student at Hogwarts.

140 players at a time were offered the chance to spend four days in the grounds of an old-but-beautiful castle in or the price of 375. Every minute of the experience designed to make you feel like you’re at Hogwarts.

Not a stone was left unturned by Dziobak Larp Studios as Potter vloggers, quirky travel enthusiasts, and everyone in between were placed into houses and taught magic like it was the real deal.

Everything was carefully designed to avoid legal action from J.K. Rowling’s estate, with house names and terminology tweaked. Muggles may have been referred to as ‘mundanes’, but this experience was anything but.

Sadly, the company folded in 2019 after some financial qualms, firmly halting the dreams of LARP-ers around Europe.

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