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What Does Mudblood Mean In Harry Potter

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Malfoy Calls Hermione MudBlood – Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets

They were married quickly in a quiet ceremony in the summer of 1997, shortly before the Battle of the Seven Potters. Tonks became pregnant by this time, so Remus, fearing that his child would be a werewolf, was initially horrified at the prospect, believing he had put both Tonks and his unborn child in great jeopardy.

From Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix

Manners, Potter, or Ill have to give you a detention, drawled Malfoy, whose sleek blond hair and pointed chin were just like his fathers. You see, I, unlike you, have been made a prefect, which means that I, unlike you, have the power to hand out punishments.Yeah, said Harry, but you, unlike me, are a git, so get out and leave us alone.

Tell me, how does it feel being second-best to Weasley, Potter? he asked.Shut up, Malfoy, said Hermione sharply.I seem to have touched a nerve, said Malfoy, smirking. Well, just watch yourself, Potter, because Ill be dogging your footsteps in case you step out of line.

Hermione: Malfoy was being absolutely foul to a first-year back there. I swear Im going to report him, hes only had his badge three minutes and hes using it to bully people worse than ever

Maybe, said Malfoy in an undertone, so that only Harry could hear him, the stupid great oafs got himself badly injured.Maybe you will if you dont shut up, said Harry out of the side of his mouth.Maybe hes been messing with stuff thats too big for him, if you get my drift.

Yes, came Malfoys clear drawl front he group nearest them. Father was talking to the Minister just a couple of days ago, you know, and it sounds as though the Ministrys really determined to crack down on substandard teaching in this place. So even if that overgrown moron does show up again, hell probably be sent packing straight away.

Malfoy laughed loudly and sycophantically.

Draco Malfoys Meanest Muggle Mockeries

Just like his father, Draco loved to hate on Muggles. He took particular pleasure in taunting Hermione Granger, who just happened to have Muggle parents. Malfoy called her Mudblood, a very grave insult referring to a wizard or witch born to non-magic parents.

Here are some of his most searing stabs at Muggle-born wizards…

1. I really dont think they should let the other sort in, do you? Theyre just not the same, theyve never been brought up to know our ways. Some of them have never even heard of Hogwarts until they get the letter, imagine. I think they should keep it in the old wizarding families.

2. The smug look on Malfoys face flickered. No one asked your opinion, you filthy little Mudblood, he spat.

3. Granger, theyre after Muggles, said Malfoy. Dyou want to be showing off your knickers in midair? Because if you do, hang around… theyre moving this way, and it would give us all a laugh.

4. Father actually considered sending me to Durmstrang rather than Hogwarts, you know. He knows the headmaster, you see. Well, you know his opinion of Dumbledore the mans such a Mudblood-lover and Durmstrang doesnt admit that sort of riffraff.

5. Want one, Granger? said Malfoy, holding out a badge to Hermione. Ive got loads. But dont touch my hand, now. Ive just washed it, you see, dont want a Mudblood sliming it up.

6. Too late now, Potter! Theyll be the first to go, now the Dark Lords back! Mudbloods and Muggle-lovers first!

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Why Do Some Wizards In Harry Potter Hate Muggle Borns And Mudbloods

When J.K. Rowling wrote the Harry Potter series, she managed to create a magic world that is quite similar to ours. There are the good and the bad guys in both worlds, and there are white supremacists in our world, and pure blood supremacists in their world.

Yes, pure blood supremacists are the equivalent of white supremacists. They look down on muggle borns and call them mudbloods, which is a derogatory term.

They, in fact, throughout the whole Harry Potter series tend to create a magical world without muggle-borns, as they believe they do not deserve to use their magical powers, as they do not have wizard parents.

They believe that wizards and witches who have no muggles or muggle borns in their family trees, were biologically superior to wizards and witches who had done so.

Ironically, their leader the Dark Lord is not a pure blood, as his father Tom Riddle Sr. is a muggle.

The Blacks and Malfoys are some of the bigger supremacist families throughout the Harry Potter series.

Progressive Values And Diversity

Everyone is affected ...

Time magazine said in 2005, “Rowling adapts an inherently conservative genre for her own progressive purposes. Her Hogwarts is secular and sexual and multicultural and multiracial and even sort of multimedia, with all those talking ghosts.” To mark the French publication of Deathly Hallows, prominent French center-left paper Liberation devoted the front cover and two more pages to answering the question “Why Harry Potter is of the Left”.

In 2007, responding to a question from a child about Dumbledore‘s love life, Rowling revealed, “I always saw Dumbledore as gay.” Filling in a few more details, she said, “Dumbledore fell in love with Grindelwald…. Don’t forget, falling in love can blind us. was very drawn to this brilliant person. This was Dumbledore’s tragedy.”

According to Think Progress, a progressive news site, conservative blogs say Rowling’s revelation about Dumbledore vindicates Jerry Falwell‘s attacks on homosexuality in children’s media that were lambasted by the mass media. “What’s stopping her from saying that Neville grows up to be a paedophile?” said David Baggett, an associate philosophy professor at Falwell’s Liberty University‘s School of Religion. Baggett, who coauthored the book Harry Potter and Philosophy: If Aristotle Ran Hogwarts, says he was taken aback not only by Rowling’s announcement, but by the fact that it came on the heels of her confirming many Potter fans’ belief that the series had Christian themes.

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How Is Hermione A Witch

Hermione Granger is one of the main characters in the Harry Potter franchise and you might think you know all there is about her life and legacy. However, one of the questions is how is she a witch if her parents are mudbloods? Magic is described as hereditary, so how is this possible?

Hermione is a witch born to muggle parents but has magic in her blood. The term that describes this occurrence is called a squib. A family can pass down magic genes that await for the right combination of genes in parents to create a child that is a witch or a wizard even if they are muggles themselves.

If you are looking for an elaborate explanation and wish to know more about muggles, witches, wizards, and half-bloods, keep reading!

How Is Hermione A Mudblood

Mudblood is a derogatory term that refers to muggle-born or any other non-pure-blood wizard or a witch. Some wizards and witches considered their magic weaker and dirty. Some of those people were many Slytherins including Lord Voldemort who wished to eradicate them completely.

They believed their pure magic was supreme and that half-bloods and muggles were less worthy. Hermione was called a mudblood because she was a witch born to muggle parents.

When Hermione finished her education, she first got employed in the Ministry of Magic where she fought for better treatment of house-elves. Once she was promoted, she started working for the Department of Magical Law Enforcement where she wanted to eradicate the laws that served only the pure-bloods and treated other witches and wizards as less important.

She used her past and heritage to promote witches and wizards who were not pure-blood to prevent any old biased laws.

Despite being a Mudblood, she was called the cleverest witch of her age by Remus Lupin, praised by Albus Dumbledore himself, and told there was not a spell she could not do by Hagrid. Harry claimed she was the best in their year while being Muggle-born.

She was able to challenge and beat Mundungus Fletcher, Antonin Dolohov, and Gregory Goyle. She was a challenge even to Bellatrix Lestrange with a little help of her friends while using another wand. She was incredibly talented in advanced charms not only because of her talent but dedication.

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Were There Muggleborns In Slytherin

Is it possible for a Muggle-born to be sorted to Slytherin? We know that half-bloods can like Snape and Voldemort, but how about Muggle-borns?

If it is possible, was there an example from canon to prove this?

In the last book, one of the snatchers mentions that there aren’t a lot of Slytherin mudbloods, which indicates there could be few muggle born Slytherins:

“Well, well, looks like we really ‘ave caught a little Slytherin.” said Scabior. “Good for you, Vernon, ’cause there ain’t a lot of Mudblood Slytherins. Who’s your father?”

Also, I was able to dig this up, but I don’t have much ideas about it’s validity. But if it is true, then these Slytherin students are apparently muggleborns:

Bulstrode, MilicentDavis, TracyGreengrass, Amelaie

I will try to find out more if possible and update it later. If someone knows for sure that this is fake, please mention it in the comments, with a link for proof.

I’m thinking this passage might refer to Dean Thomas:

Well, well, looks like we really ave caught a little Slytherin, said Scabior. Good for you, Vernon, cause there aint a lot of Mudblood Slytherins. Whos your father?Deathly Hallows – page 365 – Bloomsbury – chapter twenty-three, Malfoy Manor

I thought of Dean when Greyback says this:

Despite Greyback’s comment on finding a “Mudblood Slytherin” is challenged by the welcome letter for Slytherin House from Pottermore, which suggests there are purebloods and half-bloods in Slytherin:

What Does Muggle Mean In Harry Potter


It matters not what someone is born, but what they grow to be

No one chooses where theyre born, or what family theyre born into, but some people get stuck in the mindset that this determines who they are. There are people born to parents who arent well-equipped to take care of a child, or people who have an otherwise bad start in life and cant seem to shake themselves out of that hole.

Dumbledore reminds us that what matters is who a person grows to become, and it is possible to become anyone regardless of your circumstances. Its choices that determine who someone is, and no-one has to feel stuck because of birth.

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Examples Of The Term’s Use

Mudblood’s a really foul name for someone who is Muggle-born you know, non-magic parents. There are some wizards like Malfoy’s family who think they’re better than everyone else because they’re what people call pure-blood.
Vincent Crabbe Hermione Granger Crabbe referred to Hermione as “that Mudblood” just before attempting to use the Killing Curse on her in the Room of Requirement during the Battle of Hogwarts.

Minerva Mcgonagalls Name Is A Joke About A Terrible English Poet

Minerva is the Roman name for Athena, goddess of wisdom and justice, which suits the Hogwarts professors values.

As for the last name? Its a jokey reference to William McGonagall, who the Independent called the worst poet in the English language.

William McGonagall is celebrated as the worst poet in British history,Rowling wrote on Pottermore. There was something irresistible to me about his name, and the idea that such a brilliant woman might be a distant relative of the buffoonish McGonagall.

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Rowling Picked The Dursley Family Names Because She Didnt Like Them

Both Dudley and Dursley are the names of areas in England Rowling got them by looking at a map.

The surname Dursley was taken from the eponymous town in Gloucestershire, which is not very far from where I was born,Rowling wrote on Pottermore. I have never visited Dursley, and I expect that it is full of charming people.

Shes also acknowledged that naming such an unlikable family after the town might have its consequences.

I dont imagine Im very popular in Dursley,Rowling once said in an interview.

As for Dudleys parents, the names were chosen because of their emotional associations.

Vernon is simply a name I never much cared for. Petunia is the name that I always gave unpleasant female characters in games of make believe I played with my sister, Di, when we were very young,Rowling wrote.

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I Don’t Think It’s Possible For A Muggle

harry potter, mudblood, and hermione granger image

When Scabior said that there aren’t a lot of mud bloods in Slytherin, he said it 100% sarcastically. Which means that there aren’t Slytherin muggle borns at all! Bulstrode, Millicent was actually a half-blood NOT muggle born. Rowena, Helga, Godric and Salazar put their requirements for the students that are going to be in their house, there is a high chance that one of the requirements of Salazar Slytherin was NO MUGGLE-BORNS as he thought that muggle borns didn’t deserve to learn magic. This is what I think, according to my research.

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In The Classical Period

The cult of Hermes flourished in , and many scholars writing before the discovery of the Linear B evidence considered Hermes to be a uniquely Athenian god. This region had numerous , or pillar-like icons, dedicated to the god marking boundaries, crossroads, and entryways. These were initially stone piles, later pillars made of wood, stone, or bronze, with carved images of Hermes, a phallus, or both. In the context of these herms, by the Hermes had come to be worshiped as the patron god of travelers and sailors. By the 5th century BC, Hermai were also in common use as grave monuments, emphasizing Hermes role as a chthonic deity and psychopomp. This was probably his original function, and he may have been a late inclusion in the Olympic pantheon Hermes is described as the youngest Olympian, and some myths, including his theft of Apollos cows, describe his initial coming into contact with celestial deities. Hermes therefore came to be worshiped as a mediator between celestial and chthonic realms, as well as the one who facilitates interactions between mortals and the divine, often being depicted on libation vessels.

What Does Mudblood Mean

by Kandis HammonsReport definition
an insulting term through the Wizarding World of Harry Potter . The expression it self means, dirty bloodstream. The insult is directed towards witches or wizards who are Muggle-born, some one with non-magic moms and dads. This term is normally employed by haughty pure-bloods, witches or wizards who will be of magical lineage and start thinking about themselves become higher up in rank. Such as the Malfoy household. The expression Muggle-born is certainly much chosen toward term ‘Mudblood.’ Throughout the course of the books discrimination against Muggle-borns or ‘Mudbloods” intensifies. by Dusty KohenReport definition
The expression used for insulting Muggle-borns or First-Generation witches or wizards. Mudblood could be the thing every one of the prejudice will be based upon. Pupils of Hogwarts seem not to actually worry about skin tone or gender. As an alternative, it centers around the bloodline of a witch or wizard. Despite preferred beliefs, Muggle-borns or Mudbloods are just nearly as good, or even much better than Purebloods. by Harvey MaudlinReport definition
A wizard or witch that is muggle-born. Muggle definition non-magical people. by JamilaReport definition
A mudblood is a kid with one moms and dad that is white and another moms and dad who is black . The pure white blood has been “dirtied” by the black bloodstream, thus the word “mudblood”. The mudblood’s white moms and dad is frequently refered to as a “mudshark”.

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Gryffindor Hufflepuff Ravenclaw And Slytherin: What Does Your House Mean

Being sorted into a Hogwarts house is an important part of being a Harry Potter fan. You can take quizzes online to see where you fit in. Everyone is sorted into a house based on certain characteristics. At Hogwarts, your house is your home away from home. So, once you are sorted, this is basically what it means.

What Does Your Patronus Say About Your Personality

Mudblood : Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets

Its finally here! What youve all been waiting for! MuggleNets comprehensive list of Pottermores Patronuses.

Not only have we provided a list of Patronuses, but we have also included descriptions and how they can relate to your personality.

What does yours say about you?!

Aardvark The aardvark is a beady-eyed, long-snouted burrowing mammal native to Africa. Fierce and persistent, this critter pursues soldier ants under cover of darkness without the slightest fear. This ferocious, determined little beast would be fearless in the face of a soul-sucking Dementor.

Abraxan Winged Horse A breed of winged horse, gigantic in size and extremely powerful. They are selective eaters and usually require forceful handling. As a Patronus, they represent power, determination, and a free spirit.

Adder The common European adder or common European viper is a venomous snake that can be found throughout Europe. Adders are not normally aggressive and tend to only bite when they are threatened in some way.

Albatross Theres no way a Dementor will mess with you if your Patronus is an albatross. One flap of its 11 ft wingspan is enough to beat even the most determined Dementor flying toward you! Their ability to glide for hours without needing to use any energy means your albatross Patronus will always be ready to fight for you at a moments notice. Youve got yourself a true battle-ready Patronus!

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