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Is Fantastic Beasts Before Harry Potter

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Nagini In Her Human Form

Fantastic Beasts 3 TITLE Revealed! ( NEW Release Date) – Harry Potter News

Rowling stirred up controversy when the Crimes of Grindelwald trailer teased a character who turned from human to snake. This woman turns out to be a Maledictus named Nagini, played by Claudia Kim. Credence meets her while the two are working at a circus. Unlike an Animagus, who can freely morph from human to animal and back, a Maledictus carries a blood curse that will eventually turn the person into the animal permanently.

Presumably, this Nagini is the very same one who will eventually become companion to Voldemort. Fans might assume that Nagini was intrigued by the dark arts early in life since she inevitably ends up an ally of the most evil wizard in history.

But in Crimes of Grindelwald, when Grindelwald offers several wizards the choice to join his forces, Nagini resists, even as her friend Credence aligns himself with Grindelwald. Its still unclear whether Nagini will go to the dark side or whether Voldemort will somehow enslave her after shes permanently turned into a snake.

Defense Against The Dark Arts

The Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom is one of the most iconic classrooms in Hogwarts. It was the site of the hilarious Gilderoy Lockhart interactions and it was the place where Lupin delivered his iconic Boggart class. As if to reference this Lupin class, Crimes of Grindelwald shows Dumbledore teaching this same Boggart class.

While this is undoubtedly a reference to the Harry Potter movies, it begs the question of why Dumbledore is teaching this class as he was the Transfiguration professor before he became headmaster.

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes Of Grindelwald

The Crimes of Grindelwald is the second movie in the Fantastic Beast series. Also, it is a sequel to the Fantastic Beasts and where to find them. It is a 2018 fantasy movie. Besides, it is the tenth overall movie in wizarding world production. In this series, Grindelwald is another wizard with powers even more enormous than Voldemort. In the fantastic beast series, it is essential to know that Harry Potter himself is not in it. However, Tom Riddle gained admission to Hogwarts school of magic in 1938 just before the end of the series.

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At Least One More Film Based On The Beasts

JK Rowling seems to be using the Fantastic Beasts name to play out other storylines mainly the one between Dumbledore and Grindelwald. The Crimes of Grindelwald greatly suffered from the lack of beasts, which contributed to the lack of commercial success for the film.

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If the studio wants to focus on this story further, they should at least leave out one film in the planned five-film series for the beasts a last time. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them felt magical squarely because it gave us a wonderful twist in the Harry Potter universe, and had a unique style of its own we need more of this to remind us what the series is supposed to be about.

Harry Potter And The Cursed Child

Harry Potter Spinoff Series Fantastic Beasts and Where to ...

The very end of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows — Part 2 offers a sneak peek at Harry and his friends’ futures. If that intrigues you, seek out Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, a two-part play written by Jack Thorne and based on a story by J. K. Rowling, John Tiffany and Thorne. The Cursed Child story takes place 19 years after the events of the Potter movies, with Harry now working at the Ministry of Magic, and his own son about to attend Hogwarts for the first time.

The play took to the London stage beginning in 2016, making headlines because the role of a grown-up Hermione was played by Black actress Noma Dumezweni.

Where to watch Harry Potter and the Cursed Child: There’s no movie version. Yet. The above YouTube video gives fans the tiniest glimpse at the stage show.

You can see the stage play on New York’s Broadway, as well as in London and other cities, including Melbourne, Australia Hamburg, Germany San Francisco and Toronto. The play originally was presented as two separate parts shown on separate nights. That’s still the way London, Melbourne and Hamburg will do it, but Broadway, San Francisco and Toronto are moving to a one-night version. That one-part show is scheduled to start in the fall of 2021 in New York and in 2022 in the other two cities. A Tokyo version is set to open in 2022, with no word on whether it’s the one- or two-parter. Here’s info about tickets to all the stage productions.

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Fantastic Beasts Is The First Of A Five

Katherine Waterston and Eddie Redmayne.

When Fantastic Beasts was first announced, Rowling and Warner Bros. said it was the first of three movies. However, Rowling has decided to up the ante and said there will be four move movies after this. David Yates, who already directed the last four Potter movies and helmed Fantastic Beasts, told the Hollywood Reporter that he wants to direct all five Newt Scamander films.

I love making films, and Ive got a great team, all of whom are like family. I only look at it movie-to-movie, he said.

Yates is already in pre-production for the next film and sets are being built in Paris and Watford, England.

Im never complacent Im always feeling like I gotta do my best work, and Im always pretty hard on myself, Rowling told THR. Weve set ourselves an ambitious story to tell in five movies, but its going to be challenging and exciting all the things I like.

Fantastic Beasts 2 will hit theaters on November 16, 2018.

Johnny Depp Does Have A Role In The Film

Johnny Depp.

By the way, Grindelwald is played by Johnny Depp. He makes a brief appearance at the end of Fantastic Beasts and Warner Bros. managed to keep his role in the film under wraps until days before its release.

Hes obviously a cameo in this film but going forward will obviously be more important, Rowling, who wrote the script, told People Magazine of Depps role. Watching Johnny create a character is really quite remarkable, its fascinating. Its great as a writer to work with people like that.

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Nagini Becoming A Snake Permanently

There was absolutely no point in having Nagini in Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, where she served no purpose. Her involvement seems only to have been there to stir interest in viewers and to retcon a lot of established ground from Harry Potter.

Now that were stuck with the story of her being a Maledictus, it should at least be seen onscreen. We dont really care about her human life seeing as it makes no difference what type of person she was if shes guaranteed to become Voldemorts horcrux. The only saving grace about this plot line is to see her become a snake permanently and head off to the location where Voldemort will find her.

Fantastic Beasts Before Harry Potter There Was Newt Scamander

Harry Potter Events DURING the Fantastic Beasts Timeline (1926 – 1945)

In the summer of 1997, a book entitled Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone, by a then-unknown writer named J.K. Rowling, was first published. With the words, Youre a wizard, Harry, it ushered us into a magical realm that soon became known as the wizarding world. And our world would never be the same.

Through seven best-selling books and eight blockbuster films, millions of people around the globe have been captivated by the stories of Harry Potter and his friends as they came of age and took us all on thrilling, magical adventures. Favorite characters like Harry, Hermione, Dumbledore, and even He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named became instant contemporary icons, and words like Muggle, Quidditch, and Hogwarts were embedded in our cultural lexicon.

Now, almost two decades after the arrival of J.K. Rowlings first history-making book, audiences will be transported back to the wizarding world in a new era of magic in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

Set in 1926, the films story brings the self-proclaimed Magizoologist to life before he had written the textbook that would someday be required reading at his alma mater, Hogwarts. Coming to the end of a journey that took him to far-flung lands in search of magical creatures, Newt arrives in New York, where the escape of his precious beasts sweeps him into a chain of events that threatens to reveal the wizarding community, which hides in plain sight amongst the No-Majs.

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Harry Potter: 10 Things That Need To Happen Before The Fantastic Beasts Series Ends

The Fantastic Beasts films haven’t exactly been hits with fans or critics. If they’re going to get better, there are some things they need to do.

The expected arrival of Fantastic Beasts 3 was in November 2020, but this has been pushed back to 2021. The lack of enthusiasm for the most recent installment of the series has been credited as one of the reasons for the delay, and now the studio has certain wrongs they need to right about the story.

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There are several plot points wed like to see resolved within the five-film arc, and these should be incorporated if the franchise hopes to play out its intended releases. If these 10 things arent seen before the end, then you can be certain fans will be more than a little miffed, as the story will feel incomplete.

Fantastic Beasts 3 4 And 5 Cast: Who’s Coming Back For Fantastic Beasts 3

As mentioned above, Johnny Depp will not be reprising his role as Grindelwald after he was asked to resign from the role by Warner Bros. Depp had shot one scene as Grindelwald for the third movie, but we don’t know if this will end up in the movie or not.

The role of Grindelwald will now be played by Doctor Strange and Hannibal star Mads Mikkelsen. It’s not yet clear how the recast will be handled in the movie, but given the world of Harry Potter, it could easily be put down to a potion, accident or magical disguise.

Mikkelsen revealed that he didn’t talk to Depp about the role and he took it on because his daughter is a fan of the Harry Potter franchise. Don’t go expecting a Depp impression from Mikkelsen though.

“I have been a fan of Johnny Depp since I saw him as a young man, and to try to bring his intensity and his way of doing it into my work is a no-go. I have to find my own, because his is unique, and I just have to let that be, and find a different path,” he said.

If he had the chance, Mikkelsen would have wanted to speak to Depp about the role though, but he just didn’t “know him in that sense”.

” called me and they were obviously in a hurry, and I loved the script and so said yes. And I know it was controversial for many people, but that’s just the way it plays out once in a while,” he added.

This doesn’t completely rule out us seeing Leta again in the series, but it would have to take the form of a flashback.

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Leta Lestrange: Fantastic Beasts

Leta Lestrange was the fiancée of Theseus Scamander. Yet his brother, Newt Scamander, loved him.

While she appeared to die in the most recent film. Her family remains crucial to the Harry Potter plots.

Some of the most iconic characters in the Harry Potter canon are found in the Lestrange family. The familys most renowned member is Bellatrix Lestrange.

Although the Lestranges are also connected to the Malfoy, Tonks, and even Lupin families, resulting in a number of Harry Potter connections to Fantastic Beasts.

Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets Of Dumbledore

See All 8

You’ll need to wait until April 15, 2022, to watch Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore. Most of the original cast returns, including Eddie Redmayne as Newt, Dan Fogler as Jacob, and Jude Law as Dumbledore. But Johnny Depp is no longer playing Grindelwald — that role has been recast with Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen. Depp reportedly had filmed one scene for this film before Warner Bros. asked him to resign .

The film itself is set in the 1930s, and leads up to the Wizarding World’s involvement in World War II. It’ll also move on from the previously known wizarding communities in the US and UK and show magical life in Bhutan, Germany and China.

Where to watch Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore: The film is scheduled to be available in theaters on April 8, 2022, in the UK and Ireland, and on April 15, 2022, in the US, and to stream on HBO Max 45 days after its theatrical debut.

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Who Is Aurelius Dumbledore

In the last minutes of the movie, Grindelwalds followers decamp to Nurmengard, the prison that Grindelwald builds for dissenters and eventually becomes his own jailhouse. There, Grindelwald reveals that Credence is in fact Aurelius Dumbledore, Albus Dumbledores brother.

We dont yet know why a secret Dumbledore brother has never been mentioned before in the Harry Potter universe or how the Dumbledore baby ended up on the boat to America.Rita Skeeter would be disappointed to learn she hadnt dug up all the dirt on the Dumbledores.

Grindelwald offers one impressive piece of evidence: He tells Credence that a phoenix is said to appear to Dumbledores in times of need, and a phoenix does, indeed, appear to Credence. Could this possibly by a young Fawkes?

If Credence is, indeed, a Dumbledore, that means that Albus Dumbledore had two Obscurial siblings. Grindelwald feels that Credences power and perhaps Dumbledores guilt over Arianas fate will be his most powerful weapon against the great wizard.

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Legendary Fight Between Dumbledore And Grindelwald

You have to believe the final Fantastic Beasts will most definitely culminate with Albus and Gellert in their legendary duel, and this is the only thing keeping us interested at the moment in the five-film angle the studio is giving us. It would be a huge cop out if the story swerves and only mentions, or ends, before their duel.

Ideally, the last film should be the one to show this fight, but it can also take place earlier if the story is to focus on Newt rather than these two. Either way, we definitely do deserve to see the legendary battle before the final scene of the series.

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The Obscurus And Ariana Dumbledore

Heres where things get real interesting. In Fantastic Beasts, we learn that the Obscurus is an unstable, uncontrollable dark force that bursts out and attacks, from the result of a young magical person trying to suppress their magic.

Lets take it back to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows when Aberforth Dumbledore, Albus brother, explains what happened to their sister, Ariana who was bullied by Muggles for using magic:

It destroyed her what they did, she was never right again. She wouldnt use magic, but she couldnt get rid of it. It turned inward and drove her mad, it exploded out of her when she couldnt control it and at times she was strange and dangerous.

I dont know about you but that sure sounds like an Obscurus to me. That would explain why Grindlewood knows so much about them. He learned about the force during his relationship with Dumbledore and his encounter with Ariana. #Mindblown!

Newt’s Complicated Past Comes Back

How Nagini Can Be a Human in Fantastic Beasts 2

Fantastic Beasts didn’t dive too deeply into Newt’s backstory, but the flick did offer some hints that he had some issues. For one thing, he was expelled from Hogwarts after taking the fall for an experiment done by Leta Lestrange that accidentally harmed another student. Newt was in love with Leta and never really got over her, which must make Thanksgiving at the Scamander house pretty awkward because she’s engaged to his brother, Theseus. The older Scamander sibling is a war hero, having fought in World War I, while Newt is seen as the disappointing black sheep of the family. Both Leta and Theseus have a role to play in Fantastic Beasts 2 and assumably the coming sequels.

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Fantastic Beasts 3 Plot: What Is Fantastic Beasts 3 About

Officially, all we know about the third movie is that there will be a “globe-trotting adventure” with speculation that it would take place in Brazil.

Even if the main adventure takes place in Brazil, that doesn’t rule out the third movie spending more time at Hogwarts. It’s rumoured that there will be more of a focus on Dumbledore, which we’d definitely welcome.

We haven’t had many teasers from the cast as of yet, but Fogler did reveal in March 2020 that he’d read the script.

“The character development is really lovely and it’s very similar to the feel of the first movie, which I think is great,” he said. “It’s leading toward this massive war with the backdrop of World War II, so you can just imagine epic battle scenes are coming.”


Fogler’s co-star Katherine Waterston was equally mysterious about what we can expect from the movie.

“I never really know what I’m supposed to say or not say,” she explained. “But yes, I can confirm there will be surprises. I just thought of one, in fact. It surprised me! I think that’s about as far as I can go.”

Given the potential doubt over the future of the series, it’ll be interesting to see whether the third movie is as open-ended as The Crimes of Grindelwald, or could it potentially end in a way that could mark a satisfying finale to a trilogy?

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