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How Was Harry Potter So Rich

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Sirius Met His Fate Because Of Him

WHY Was Harry Potter so RICH? – Harry Potter Explained

One of the big plot points in Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix is how Harry and Voldemort’s minds are linked. He is warned several times that Voldemort could use this to spy on or manipulate him. Dumbledore even goes so far as to schedule him regular lessons with Snape to resist these effects.

Despite this, he’s still manipulated into going to the ministry to try and save Sirius. Unfortunately, this was all a manipulation. Harry and his friends all get in over their heads as they’re ambushed by Death Eaters. Ironically, Sirius ends up getting eliminated by trying to rescue Harry while Harry was trying to rescue Sirius. Had Harry listened to Snape or Dumbledore’s advice, maybe he would’ve been able to prevent this manipulation and in turn actually save Sirius’ life. Well, at least until Deathly Hallows. Almost everyone passed away in Deathly Hallows.

The Stories About A Boy Wizard And His Friends Spurred Young People’s Interest In Reading

Besides breaking publishing and movie ticket records, Harry Potter’s greatest achievement, say parents and teachers, has been to persuade young people to pick up a book and read it, even if the effects were limited.

No comprehensive studies of the effect of the Harry Potter books in the United States have been done, however the U.K.-based Federation of Children’s Book Groups released figures showing that 59 percent of U.K. kids think the books have improved their reading skills and 48 percent say the books are why they read more, reports USA Today.

Just How Big Are The Pipes At Hogwarts

The basilisk was slithering around in the pipes all year during The Chamber of Secrets, petrifying kids left and right. What this really tells us is that a whole lot of catastrophe could have been avoided if Hogwarts had normal-size pipes instead of pipes that could accommodate a giant snake monster.

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Things Wrong With Harry Potter We All Choose To Ignore

Harry Potter is one of the most beloved pop culture characters ever. He’s far from perfect though. Here are 20 things wrong with Harry we all ignore.

Harry Potter is one of the most beloved characters to ever grace the pages of a book. Ever since he debuted in Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone the boy who lived has thrilled audiences all over the globe. The character, created by J.K. Rowling hooked audiences with his earnest demeanor, a fierce sense of friendship, and ever-present bravery.

That love of the character has led to not only millions of book sales but also one of the most successful film franchises that have ever existed. In the films, he was played expertly by excellent child actor Daniel Radcliffe who just added more wood to the fire of his likability.

All of this popularity can really give one rose colored glasses though. Despite all of the great qualities of everyone’s favorite Gryffindor, Harry has plenty of flaws. His headstrong attitude may lead him to more than a few heroic deeds but it also got him into quite a lot of trouble. Despite having the weight of the world on his shoulders, Harry rarely ever thought things through. He usually just rushed into things head first and lucked his way into victory. It was good for him, and the entire wizarding world that luck was more than enough. While no flaws can truly tarnish the love fans everywhere have for Harry, there are undoubtedly moments of his life that they put blinders on for.

Sybill Trelawneys Other Death Prediction

WHY Was Harry Potter so RICH?

Were aware by now that Sybill Trelawney is a genuine psychic . She made the Chosen One prophesy, which led to the death of Harrys parents and the eventual downfall of Voldemort. Sybill is known to be a descendant of the legendary seer Cassandra. However, most of Sybills predictions are nothing but flimflam, with the odd true one peppered in.

Something we tend to overlook because of her trickery and shenanigans is that Sybill made a number of other right predictions throughout the series, most notably the Prophesy of 13. When asked to join the students and faculty at a table at Christmas, she declined by stating, When thirteen dine together, the first to rise will be the first to die!

This was proven true later as Dumbledore, unaware that Peter Pettigrew was at the table making a total of 13 guests, rose first from the table and went on to become the first of those seated to die.

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Harry Potter And The Champions Champion

Harry allows Ron to compete for him in the tournament. How does he fare?

This is a Harry/Hermione story with SERIOUSLY Idiot!Ron Bashing. If that isnt what you like, please read something else. Complete but I do expect to add an alternate ending or two.

I do not own any Characters in this story. In the beginning portions of the story I have used exact wording from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. That book is owned By J.K. Rowling and various other companies.

This is a story that is a Hermione/Harry Pairing and has a LOT of Ron bashing. If you dont like that, then stop reading now. It is meant to be a plot bunny hatching with humor involved. So feel free to criticizeme but, really, it is just a fictional story that grew in my muses Ok, my muses thoughts.

I would like to thank Paladeus for his time in editing this entire story. His corrections make it a more enjoyable read for everyone.

Read, enjoy, and dont take life or my writing too seriously

My Rating: 4.5/5

Reaction upon reading:

Finally, some justice!

When Love Looks Familiar

Fred Weasley may have taken Angelina Johnson as his date to the Yule Ball, but it was his twin brother George whom Angelina ends up marrying after the Second Wizarding War that resulted in poor Freds death. George and Angelina named their son Fred II in tribute.

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He Used Unforgivable Curses

In Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire, Mad-Eye Moody introduced the concept of the three unforgivable curses. As their name might suggest, these are three of the worst spells in the wizarding world. Most users of these spells are dark wizards while good wizards stick to incapacitating their enemies instead of going for pain, mind control, or anything else.

Harry decides in that he’s okay with using unforgivable curses several times in the series. He attempts to use the Cruciatus curse on Bellatrix after she eliminates Sirius. He then tries to use it on Snape after he eliminates Dumbledore. While he fails at both of these the first time, in Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows, he successfully cast the Imperius and Cruciatus curses. Although he was supposed to be sent to Azkaban for these crimes, he didn’t get in any trouble at all. Apparently, the Ministry thought they owed him one after he saved them all from an evil authoritarian regime.

He Didn’t Finish Hogwarts

Why was Harry so RICH? Did he STAY Rich after Philosopher’s Stone? – Harry Potter Theory

Harry’s tenure at Hogwarts may have been the focus of the first six books of the series, but not the last one. In the final book, Harry, Ron and Hermione all skip out on their lessons to save the world. No big deal there.

While Hermione does return to finish her last year at Hogwarts, Ron and Harry elect not to. It seems like a strange choice considering all the work they’d done in school up to that point. Harry loved his time in Hogwarts, it’s kind of sad that he didn’t finish out his last year. Maybe eliminating a dark lord of evil counts for a GED in the wizarding world.

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Final Musings On The Best Harry Potter Fanfiction Stories Out There

Did you click on any of the best Harry Potter fanfiction stories above? If so, I would love to hear your thoughts on it.

Are you a Harry and Hermione fan, or do you prefer Hermione with Draco? Maybe you dont have any interest in romantic pairings at all, and you just want to read some good old adventure tale following unlikely characters. Regardless of what youre into, one of the Harry Potter fanfic choices above is bound to be right up your alley . Happy reading!

In case you have other favorite Harry Potter fanfiction stories you love the most, feel free to tell us about them so we can update this list with your favorite entries!

Andreea Voicu

Gilderoy Lockhart $2 Million

Gilderoy Lockhart, the bestselling author of twelve books, was a wizarding world celebrity. His non-fiction novels recounting his adventures sold rapidly and resulted in his employment as Professor of Defense Against The Dark Arts at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Due to his novels and his established wage from the school he’s comfortably well-off. Throughout the ‘Harry Potter’ books there are mentions of his extravagant clothes, and hints that he collects beautiful artifacts.

In addition to this, he won many prestigious awards such as the Order of Merlin and became an Honorary Member of the Dark Forces Defense League. He stands as number four on our list due to the fact that his wealth came from independent work while the richer characters on our list come from old money. Lockhart’s status and his work, though, make him a steady earner: He continued to write even after his incarceration at St Mungo’s when he lost his mind. His last novel, ‘Who Am I?’, would have been read by many of his fans, bringing him more royalties.

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Here Is Everything That Is Currently Known Or Can Be Logically Assumed About Magic For Humans And Its Potential Followup To Its Third Season

Justin Willman’s Netflix show has been perfect to binge recently and because of that fans are already wondering if a new batch of episodes will show up, and if so, when?

Everything that’s known now and can be logically assumed about where the show is heading will be here, and as any new information comes along from Netflix or Willman, this will be updated to include it. Here’s what is known currently about a potential season 4 of Willman’s uplifting experiments and illusions.

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As of right now, there hasn’t been an official renewal, but it feels like only a matter of time. Season 3 of Magic For Humans was released in the middle of May, and the time gap between the release of its second season and the renewal for a third one was around a month and a half. That much time hasn’t passed since the release of the third season, but when it does and Netflix takes a full look at its viewership, it’s likely been even better than season 2. Netflix viewership in general is surely higher than usual due to people being quarantined, Magic For Humans is a very easy going and interesting show to watch during that time, and season 3 has received more attention online than the first two. Combine that with the show not appearing to be very expensive at all for Netflix to produce, and renewing it seems like an obvious decision that’s waiting to be made.

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Book Editor Arthur Levine Took A Chance On Rowling With A $105000 Contract

Harry Potter Was So Rich, It

Although she was an unknown author, readers were immediately drawn to J.K. Rowlings boy wizard.

“I wasn’t neglected. I didn’t sleep in a cupboard under the stairs. My family loves me,” Arthur Levine tells The Washington Post.

Levine is the Scholastic childrens book editor who famously bought the rights to the Harry Potter series for $105,000 after reading the first book.

“That doesn’t mean I didn’t feel invisible and I didn’t feel powerless and I didn’t have the fantasy that I would be recognized someday. This is something we all share,” says Levine in explaining why he took a chance on Rowling.

“I remember loving the humor, thinking she is so funny,” Levine continues, “and thinking that here’s a rare range of talents in a writer: somebody who can engage me emotionally and yet who can make me laugh. And whose plot is really driving me forward.”

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Did Snape Love Harry Potter

Snapes tears at the end of the book/movie dont mean that Severus Snape ever loved Harry Potter. Harrys mother was Severus great unrequited love, and that was the only reason for his emotional attachment to the little future wizard. Keep reading to find out more about a man whos named suited him.

He Didn’t Use Muggle Technology

While the wizarding world certainly has a wide array of fantastical objects, there are several ways that the muggle world is a bit superior. Harry, being a child from both worlds really fails to utilize muggle technology while he’s in the wizarding world. He may not have been able to properly use the internet in the mid-’90s, but if he and Sirius both had beepers or old fashioned cell phones, Sirius may have been able to tell Harry that he wasn’t in the ministry during Order Of The Phoenix.

Not to mention the fact that perhaps the UK military could’ve been helpful with the whole Voldemort taking over the world situation. Harry spends much of the last book not knowing what to do, but he never once thinks to make an alliance with the muggles and their wide array of powerful jets and missiles. While Muggle technology might not have worked on Hogwarts’ grounds, but for every battle in the outside world, he might have found use for them.

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Why Harry Potter Is So Rich

Harry Potter’s parents left him a small fortune, so he didn’t have to worry about money during his school years, but where did that money come from?

Harry Potters parents were killed when he was one-year old and he lived with his aunt and uncle for ten years, so it came as a big surprise to him as well as readers and viewers that his parents left him a lot of money, but how much was it? Back in 1997, J.K. Rowling introduced readers to the Wizarding World through the story of the boy who lived in Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone, the first in what would become a series of seven novels, which came to an end in 2007 with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

Harry Potter and company made the jump to the big screen in 2001, with the final book being split into two films. The Harry Potter film saga brought the Wizarding World to a wider audience, further expanding the books fanbase and also making some questions left by the novels even bigger. In Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone, the audience learned that Harry wouldnt have to worry about paying for his school supplies and more as his parents left him a small fortune in vault 687 of Gringotts Wizarding Bank, but how much money was there?

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Fake Plants With Real Names

How Did The Malfoys Get so Rich? | Harry Potter

The names of plants in the Harry Potter series are ridiculous and magical. Names that stick in the brain, like Venemous Tentacula and Gillyweed, are part of the charm of the universe. Mugwort, knotgrass, and monkshood are all plants featured in the series, and all are made up. Or are they?

J.K. Rowling says that she found these in a lovely old book titled The Complete Herbal by Nicholas Culpeper. The book, now available on the Internet in .pdf form, contains pictures and names for 100 or so different plants. That includes other magical-sounding plants such as liverwort, gilliflower, and snakeweed. While not in the Harry Potter books, they would be fantastic features in fan fiction.

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He Rarely Rode His Broom

Of Harry’s many skills, the one that gets the most attention is by far his natural skill at riding brooms. From the first time he gets on a broom in The Sorcerer’s Stone, it’s clear that he’s a prodigy. Unfortunately, he doesn’t utilize this special skill to nearly the extent that he could.

In combat situations, for example, he could easily use his broom to give him an added edge. In his final fight against Voldemort, it would’ve been a great advantage for him to zoom around the dark lord instead of facing him on foot. If he took it down to the Chamber of Secrets, the Basilisk would’ve had a much harder time trying to end him.

Is The Elder Wand Bound By Special Rules That Don’t Apply To Normal Wands

Harry won the Elder Wand’s allegiance from Draco by disarming him in Malfoy Manor, even though the Elder Wand was still in Dumbledore’s grave. Does that mean that a wand switches allegiances every time its holder gets disarmed? Because we saw a bunch of people get disarmed over seven books, and wand allegiance didn’t seem to be an issue.

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Net Worth Of Rupert Grint

Life is amazing when you can’t even fathom to guess how much stacks of money you have in total. Even though the Weasley family was hard on cash, Rupert here has got his stacks filled to the limit that he doesn’t even know much he owns. However, don’t worry as we know well to keep things in check.

Rupert Grint became a millionaire from the Harry Potter franchise.

The British actor, Grint is the fifth wealthiest Harry Potter star with a massive net worth of $50 million as of 2020. The staggering sum of the money puts him just behind Radcliff, who is a $110 million holder. In the least, Grint earned $70 million as a salary from his acting career in Harry Potter. The last two parts of Deathly Hallows allowed the actor to garner a $30 million combined.

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