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How To Make Harry Potter Intro

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How To Create Your Own Harry Potter Character

How to Create a Harry Potter Epic Intro in After Effects – TUTORIAL (Part 1)

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Coming up with your own Harry Potter character can be a fun and creative way to add even more depth to the wondrous world of witchcraft and wizardry. To get started, all you need is a pen, a notepad, and an imagination. Think of a name for your character, then give them a unique personality and describe the way they look. You can then decide which school and house they’re best suited for, along with other details, like their friends and foes, special skills, and choice of pet. When you’re done, bring your character to life by drawing a picture or writing a story about them!

Harry Potter Video Games

Kid gamers who may not be too keen on taking the marathon may be persuaded to do so after playing a couple of Harry Potter-themed video games. Fortunately, each movie features a corresponding video game adaptation, although the earlier games may be a bit outdated in terms of graphics. The gameplay of each game is phenomenal and respectful of the events taking part in the movies.

We hope that this rundown was useful to you and that you have learned something new today on how to introduce your kid to the magical world of Harry Potter. Make sure you are staying safe in these times we are all going through and have a good one, guys!

Knit Up The Four Harry Potter House Scarves From Your Sorting Ceremony

Every home is known as after the 4 founders of Hogwarts. Knit up your Harry Potter scarf in accordance to the Home youve been sorted into! Youll see that my pattern was knitted for my Gryffindor pal.

  • Named for Godric Gryffindor, the Gryffindor Home colours are Scarlet and Gold with the Lion as its mascot. Gryffindor values braveness, bravery, nerve, and chivalry.
  • Named for Rowena Ravenclaw, the Ravenclaw Home colours are Blue and Bronze with the Eagle as its mascot. Ravenclaw values intelligence, creativity, studying, and wit.
  • Named for Salazar Slytherin, the Slytherin Home colours are Inexperienced and Silver with the Serpent as its mascot. Slytherin values ambition, crafty, management, and resourcefulness.
  • Named for Helga Hufflepuff, the Hufflepuff Home colours are Yellow and Black with the Badger as its mascot. Hufflepuff values exhausting work, persistence, justice, and loyalty.

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Design Your Center Image

You’ll need to pay close attention to measurements when designing your game board. I personally designed the center portion of my game board first . The most important features of the main space on the board are the title and your community chest and chance card holder spaces.

As you can see, I have renamed the game Pottopoly and the action card spaces Potions and Charms. Whatever you decide on calling these cards in this step, you will have to stick with it because you will later use the same name on the action spaces on the board as well as the cards themselves.

I recommend creating your graphics on a canvas that is twice the size of what you actually need it to be, so when you scale your image to size, the quality will remain. Note: The more complex you create your game board, the more difficult the label application process will be.

You can download the Lumos and Harry Potter fonts online, which I used on all aspects of the game . For instructions on how to install this font into Windows 10, .

IMPORTANT: The more complex your center design is, the more important it will become in the next stages that you lay down the images perfectly. If you’re a bit nervous about this, try to make your image less complex.

What You Will Want:

DIY Harry Potter Wands
  • crimson fleece half of yard
  • gold fleece half of yard
  • thread to match each of the colours
  • needle + thread and/or stitching machine
  • rotary slicing mat & cutter OR scissors
  • ruler

When youve got a stitching machine this can go amazingly fast. You possibly can simply end every scarf in a couple hours.

Additionally, youll be able to make each scarves with half of yard of fleece and have a tiny bit left over.

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Making The Doubled Scarf Half Two

Now you may have two halves of the scarf, every 12 items lengthy. For those who discover any loopy uneven edges, trim these to make them even.

Place these two halves collectively, proper sides going through and pin sparsely round three edges. You will need to go away one of many quick edges open in an effort to flip the scarf to the precise facet.

Sew throughout the three edges that you simply pinned, utilizing a half inch seam allowance.

Print And Test Your Center Design

Once your image is designed, test out your image size on regular or scrap paper.

  • If the center of your board measures 14″x14″ , we will manipulate your designing program to print the image on as few Avery labels as possible. In Paint , access the print page setup menu.
  • Once you are in the Print Page set up, set your page orientation to portrait.
  • Now, make sure that your printer is set to the following margins:
  • .75″ on the left and right margins
  • .5″ on the top and bottom margins
  • These margins will print you an image on four sheets of paper. You will notice that more of the image is printed on two sheets .
  • Print the image.
  • Cut these printed images out with your precision cutter and lay them on your board to make sure the sizing looks good for your board. The goal is to have the image centered while also leaving enough room for your play squares .
  • Having on old Monopoly board makes this step particularly easy because your measurements are already done for you. If they are not already done for you, see the next step for measurement guidance.
  • If your image is too large, you can play with the margins provided above to get it to a size that works for your game board.
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    Introduce Your Kid To The Magical World Of Harry Potter

    Given that Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone was published in 1997, most kids whove grown up with it now have children of their own. The magic of this timeless franchise has crossed over through many generations, and if you want to introduce your kid to the wonders of this beautiful fantasy world, were here to give you a few tips.

    Making The Flat Scarf Half Two

    how to make harry potter intro in after effects

    Set your machine to a zigzag sew and get six items of every colour prepared.

    Overlap your two items about 1/Four inch, ensuring that the yellow is on the underside and the material is lined up correctly. You will be stitching the quick ends collectively and the items might be proper facet up. Dont fret about pinning the fleece will stick collectively. Then slide the material below the presser foot and stitch sew sew.

    Hold lifting the highest material to make certain all the pieces is staying lined up as you go, and maintain the items collectively together with your finger on the very finish. Sew from edge to edge after which lower the ends. The completed product will appear like the final photograph.

    Hold stitching your items collectively, protecting the lengthy a part of the scarf to the left of the machine, so that you solely have one little piece to fold over and sit within the machine.

    FLEECE TIP: In case your machine desires to eat the material, strive beginning barely in from the sting. For those who strive to begin stitching proper on the fringe of the fleece, it will generally get sucked into the feed canine.

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    And That Is Simply The Start

    Along with all the other members of our Wizarding World family, were going to keep finding new ways to bring magic into your world during this time.

    So, however you like to get your Wizarding World updates, be it here, on our Wizarding World app, or, of course, through our new Harry Potter At Home hub well keep bringing you the joy of reading. Remember, Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home.

    For weekly Harry Potter At Home updates and so much more, were also launching a newsletter so we can deliver all of our latest news, activities and more, straight to your inbox in one nice package. To opt in, dont forget to click the check box when asked during registration. No owls required!

    Prepare And Apply Your Pathways To The Board

    Time to prepare your pathways. First, you will need to test print and cut them to make sure that they both fit the game board and cover any imperfections that emerged during the center square placement.

    If you are printing pathways to fit a board that is 19.25″x19.25″ , these are the printing margins that you will need to use .

    • .25″ left and right margins.
    • .5″ top and bottom margins.

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    Apply Your Pathway Labels

    This session of adhesion is perhaps the most difficult because it will determine the overall look and feel of your board. You will definitely want to use the edge of your game board to help you place these labels neatly .Tips for Adhesion: Make use of the conveniently-backed Avery adhesive labels. Take off each section in portions to ensure maximum control over how the labels are adhered.After placing your labels, run your hand over the corners and edges to make sure that the labels are firmly attached. If you have a folding board, fold your board now gently to make sure that your graphics remain in place.If your corners lift, you might want to consider adding a dab of fabric glue under the edge to further fasten the images to the board. If you find a piece that has not been covered by graphics, such as the remainder of a white label tab, you can simply color in the imperfections with sharpies and/or markers.

    Printing The Final Copy Of Your Deeds

    How to Create a Harry Potter Scavenger Hunt

    Once you have made the proper adjustments to your cards and are happy with their appearance, it’s time to print them for real onto white 8.5″ x 11″ card stock. The kind I have is a 65 lb. weight paper, which is durable enough for our purposes.

    Let the ink dry on your cards for about 6 hours.

    When cutting your deeds, be sure to:

    • Cut with the front of the deeds facing upward, so you can see what you’re doing.
    • Cut inside of the major square containing all of the deeds
    • Cut each card directly in the center of the blank spaces between each cell. There should be white spaces on the sides of your deed. That black border is intentional and should be shown on your card.

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    Preparing And Printing Your Property Deeds

    As always, you will want to print your deeds on regular paper to proofread and ensure that they are aligned correctly, both in terms of text on the cell and the alignment of the front and reverse sides.

    First, you will need to tell your printer to print double-sided and flip on short edge. Be sure that your document is also in landscape printing orientation.

    Once your deeds are printed, cut them out with your precision trimmer as if you were ready to play with them and thoroughly inspect them again. The black surrounding square encompassing all 6 deeds is a cutting guideline only. Try to cut just inside of this line.

    Here are some important things to check for:

    • Has the correct mortgage information been printed on the back of each card?
    • Is the mortgage information on the reverse side centered on the card?
    • How does the spacing of the text and images look?
    • Is there enough contrast between the text and the colored property square? You might want to have some titles appear in white to enhance readability.

    Designing Your Play Spaces

    It’s time to design your pathways !

  • Measure the exposed surface area of your game board. This space will be used for the game play spaces. Next, create a template either by hand or on your computer.
  • Note: If designing by computer, I recommend creating a template that is double the size to ensure quality images. If your image went down crooked, you might need to increase the size of your borders to cover these imperfections.
  • Create a template that is twice the size you need it.
  • The provided template above is intended for a Monopoly board . Because of quality, however, it is double the size needed . I have also made this template 1/8″ larger than necessary to help you accommodate your errors.
  • Plan ahead! Take a look at a Monopoly board to see what kinds of spaces you need to fill. Some examples include:
  • Property Spaces
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    Did The Music For Harry Potter Win Any Awards

    Incredibly, the Harry Potter score was somewhat snubbed by major awards shows including the Oscars.

    Williams, despite being the most Oscar-nominated living person, just missed out on a Best Score Academy Award for his first instalment, being pipped to the post by Howard Shores 2002 soundtrack for Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring .

    Between four composers and eight films, the music for Harry Potter was nominated for two Oscars and five Grammys .

    Making The Flat Scarf Half One

    How To Make HARRY POTTER on Chrome Music Lab

    Step one to this entire course of is threading your machine. You will be utilizing two thread colours yellow in your bobbin and crimson from the spool.

    So fill a bobbin and thread your machine!

    When stitching, you may at all times have the yellow piece of fleece on the underside and the crimson piece on high, so your colours will match.

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    Free Harry Potter Fonts To Lend Magic To Your Works

    When the first Harry Potter books came out in the late 90s, the entire world was captivated by âThe Boy Who Livedâ. Written by British author J. K. Rowling, the fantasy novels became a hit and later on, had film adaptations as well as prequels .

    Unlimited Downloads: 1,500,000+ Fonts, Freebies & Design Assets

    The story revolves around Harry Potter, who was orphaned as a baby because of an evil wizard. The seven books cover his adventures not only in the Hogwarts School of Magic, but also how he battles evil. His bestfriends, Hermione Granger and Ron Wesley, become central characters too. Together, they invite the reader to discover a world of friendship, hardship, and magic.

    If you want the original look and feel just like in the films, the Harry P font by Phoenix Phonts is a pretty good alternative. Just like the magical universe, there are several Harry Potter fonts you might also enjoy, like the Parseltongue, and Animales Fantastic, based on the Fantastic Beasts lore.

    Harry Potter Soundtrack: Hedwigs Theme And Everything To Know About The Film Franchises Magical Score

    8 September 2020, 17:23

    The wonder and adventures of J.K. Rowlings boy wizard are perfectly captured in the music for the Harry Potter films. But who wrote the magical score, and whats the story behind Hedwigs Theme?

    A truly great film score can do one of two things: blend into the background and serve simply to strengthen the narrative or jump out of the silver screen and take on a life of its own.

    Its easy to see which camp theHarry Pottersoundtrack falls into. As soon as we hear those opening notes of Hedwigs Theme in Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone or the Sorcerers Stone, as its known in the US we are immediately whisked away into Harrys wizarding world through a flurry of strings and that haunting, solo celesta.

    Over the course of the franchise, the Harry Potter phenomenon saw a number of composers working on it besides John Williams. But lets start where it all began

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    Harry Potter House Quiz

    One of the most iconic scenes in the entire HP franchise is the appointment of students to the four houses of Hogwarts Griffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff. The Harry Potter house quiz is meant to fulfill the role of the Sorting Hat, as it will help your child find out in which house of magic it belongs to.

    The quizzes are typically tailored for students that are roughly Harrys age, although it can be a tremendously fun family activity.

    Which Other Themes Did John Williams Write

    January cover page

    We hear Hedwigs Theme everywhere throughout the score even in moments without the owl himself. But there are a number of other brilliant themes swirling through the franchise that deserve mention.

    Leaving Hogwarts is a particularly beautiful motif that frequently appears to remind us of Harrys connection to Hogwarts the home where the young wizard has found he truly belongs .

    The third instalment , and the final scored by John Williams, took on a darker feel under new director Alfonso Cuaron.

    A Window to the Past is particularly poignant, while Double Trouble, performed at the Hogwarts Welcoming Feast, uses lyrics from Shakespeares Macbeth and sounds straight out of an early Purcell opera.

    Instantly, the Juilliard-trained composers themes became radio hits, and the basis for the next six films in the series. But after number three, Williams himself dropped out of overall responsibility for the scores.

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