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How Popular Is Harry Potter

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Rupert Grint : $50 Million

Top 10 Harry Potter Spells

Rupert Grint, just like the other members of the films’ “core trio,” was unknown when he signed onto Harry Potter. Grint was acquired for cheap, with his price tag increasing with each picture until now he’s sitting with a net worth of $50 million from the films. Grint continues to give strong performances, but he may not find another role on the same caliber or scale as Ron Weasley.

Kenneth Branagh : $55 Million

Kenneth Branagh is a legend in both the acting and directing world and one of the best people to handle Shakespeare in the business. Branaghs net worth was already high when he joined Harry Potter as Gilderoy Lockhart. Over the years, it’s gotten even higher thanks to endeavors like directing Thor.

Daniel Radcliffe : $110 Million

Daniel Radcliffe was just a precocious child when the first Harry Potter began, but he’s grown into a legitimate star in front of everyone’s eyes. Radcliffe continues to work and take on smart roles, but he’s definitely the one to benefit the most from Harry Potter and owes his $110 million net worth to it.

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A Formula That Can’t Be Put Into Words

And part of the magic is just that magic.

Booklist contributing editor Ilene Cooper says the phenomenon can’t be totally explained that sometimes in publishing this kind of thing “just happens it’s not something you can put into a formula”.

Editorial assistant in the youth department at Booklist, Briana Shemroske, says: “There’s no doubt Harry Potter combines several irresistible elements unflappable friendships, the triumph of good over evil, love over hate, humour, a world steeped in secrets and dazzling magic.

“Together, I think these things allow us to see the magic in everyday life … but then again, many of these elements have been combined before and after Potter with nowhere near the same amount of success.”

It’s clear something about this mystical formula has charmed children, with the “Harry Potter effect” eliciting excitement from children about reading in a way no other series has.

Dr Alderman says word-of-mouth has played a role in this, particularly in reaching kids without a natural interest in books.

“The easiest way to get a book in a child’s hand is a friend that they know who has read it so many children have read them and loved them, then it’s passed around,” she says.

Why Is Harry Potter So Popular Even After All These Years

Harry Potter: 10 Best Soundtracks From The Series, Ranked

The Harry Potter franchise was first released almost a quarter of a century ago and by the time the last movie was released, the series became so popular that the posters for the final movie didnt even feature the name of the movie. But how is the franchise still so popular, almost ten years after the release of the final movie of the series, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2?

The answer to this question actually involves a lot of different factors, but to put it simply, the great writing and filmmaking amassed a great number of fans that still love the series since it was such a big part of their childhoods.

This is quite an interesting topic and there are many different things to consider while trying to find an answer to this question. From the good writing and amazing film interpretation, there are many different elements contributing to the massive success of the franchise. If you want a detailed analysis of what contributed to the fame of the series keep reading.

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It Shone A Light On Mental Health

Rowling has explained on several occasions that plot features refer to significant milestones in her own life. Exploring her own experience with depression, she has likened it to the evil, soul-sucking way dementors operate. What its also worth noting is the spell conjured to overcome the demontors. In order to eliminate them you need to produce a patronus, and in order to produce one you need to produce a memory of significant strength. Essentially, when things around you feel dark, focus on positive thoughts and happy memories.

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In Which I Risk All My Friendships With People Who Read

I enjoy spending time with people who appreciate great literature. The number of my friends who are intimate with Dante or Tolkien or Austen is, as Oscar Wilde would say with a wink, considerably above the proper average that statistics have laid down for our guidance. My book-loving church regularly ships in world-class English professors to give lectures and field the usual round of questions about Peter Jacksons interpretation of Aragorn and Faramir.

And Ive noticed that in these circles, its often a faux pas to admit that I, like nearly every other Millennial in America, own extremely well-loved copies of all seven Harry Potter books. And I would lose all credibility with many of these people if I suggested offhand that I think the Potter books are in the tradition of the great English novels, deserve to be mentioned in the same sentence, and are easily the most morally and socially insightful works of fantasy published in this generation.

But I do think that. And I think Im justified. So Ive decided to step forward and offer a defense, on behalf of everyone who instinctively agrees with me and has better things to do than figure out why. So here are a few thoughts on why Harry Potter is great literature.

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Top 10 Most Popular Harry Potter Characters 2004 To 2021

The top 10 Most Most Popular Harry Potter Characters from 2004 2021 include Hermione Granger, Albus Dumbledore, Severus Snape, Ron Weasley, Minerva McGonagall, Luna Lovegood, Harry himself, and many more. Subscribe and hit the bell to see new videos:

Its hard to think of a more impactful movie franchise than JK Rowlings Harry Potter, in literature as well as on-screen. Like us, you probably still remember every character as if you grew up with them .

Theres the most obvious Harry, Ron, and Hermione but in fact, many would say that the characters they remember and love the most were secondary. So without further ado, here is a ranking of the most popular characters in the show from 2004 to 2021.

It isnt easy to imagine a world where Harry Potter wouldnt have had any impact. Our children will know about this story, and their children probably will as well. And with characters as compelling, funny, caring, courageous, wickedly terrifying as these, this phenomenon will never be undeserved.

Data based on Fandom and IMDB popularity & loosely based on Google trends.

How would you rank the top Harry Potter characters? Let us know in the comments!

‘harry Potter’ Can Never Be What It Once Was For The Next Generation Of Readers

Top 10 Smartest Decisions in The Harry Potter Movies

As we look for ways to carry the best of the books into the future, we’ll have to leave some of their splendor in the past like a literary “you had to be there” moment.

We don’t have a Time-Turner to rectify these wrongs, so we’ll look upon “Harry Potter” with the kind of melancholy nostalgia that accompanies the lost days of childhood a yearning for a time when the series was unburdened and uncomplicated.

As we look to the future, the best we can hope is that these conversations inspire the next generation to foster fully inclusive magic and create a more perfect version of this fantasy world.

Rowling and her representatives have declined to comment.

This is an opinion column. The thoughts expressed are those of the author.

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Politics Of J K Rowling

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s StoneWhite House

The British author J. K. Rowling, writer of Harry Potter and other Wizarding World works, has shared a variety of political views. Rowling stated in 2000 that she is left-wing and said “there is a certain amount of political stuff in . But I also feel that every reader will bring his own agenda to the book. People who send their children to boarding schools seem to feel that I’m on their side. I’m not. Practicing Wiccans think I’m also a witch. I’m not.” In 2002, she said her biggest literary influence was muckrakerJessica Mitford, whom she described as a “self-taught socialist”.

Rowling has garnered attention for her support of the Labour Party under Gordon Brown and her criticism of the party under Jeremy Corbyn, as well as her opposition to the Conservative Party and the Republican Party under Donald Trump. She opposed Scottish independence in a 2014 referendum and Brexit during the 2016 referendum to leave the European Union.

Since late 2019, Rowling has publicly voiced her opinions on transgender people and related civil rights. These views have been met with controversy.

Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows

  • “It is the quality of ones convictions that determines success, not the number of followers.” Remus Lupin

  • “‘No, Harry, you listen,’ said Hermione. ‘We’re coming with you. That was decided months ago years, really.'”

  • “Harry was left to ponder in silence the depths to which girls would sink to get revenge.”

  • “That wands more trouble than its worth, said Harry. And quite honestly, he turned away from the painted portraits, thinking now only of the four-poster bed lying waiting for him in Gryffindor Tower, and wondering whether Kreacher might bring him a sandwich there, Ive had enough trouble for a lifetime.”

  • “Every human life is worth the same, and worth saving.” Kingsley Shacklebolt

  • “He must have known I’d run out on you. No, Harry corrected him. He must’ve always known you’d always want to come back.”

  • “‘After all this time?”Always,’ said Snape.”

  • “Words are, in my not-so-humble opinion, our most inexhaustible source of magic. Capable of both inflicting injury, and remedying it.” Albus Dumbledore

  • “Not my daughter, you b*tch!” Molly Weasley

  • “And Percy was shaking his brother, and Ron was kneeling beside them, and Fred’s eyes stared without seeing, the ghost of his last laugh still etched upon his face.”

  • “He can run faster than Severus Snape confronted with shampoo.” Fred Weasley

  • “Why are they all staring? demanded Albus as he and Rose craned around to look at the other students. Dont let it worry you, said Ron. Its me. Im extremely famous.”

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    Harry Potters Dwindling Popularity Is Agreat Shame

    Teenagers are no longer reading Harry Potter books in their legions, it emerged this week, as J.K. Rowlings series dropped out of the top ten favourite books for secondary school pupils. Instead, teens are reading books aimed at primary school children. This is disquieting news. Of all the books teenagers can access, they should be reading the Harry Potter books.

    The Hero With A Thousand FacesDaily Mail

    Yet there is much that is commendable. J.K. Rowling may be a bit too fond of adverbs, semi-colons and the present participle , but otherwise the syntax is a treat and a model for those studying English. She combines simple, active voice clauses, plain verbs with a rhythmic, flowing cadence and decorative, advanced vocabulary.

    She’s an old-school, middlebrow author, a modern-day Agatha Christie. In her transparent prose, words function as a window to the storyline. This is why devotees of literary fiction hate it: they regard words as something to be toyed with, and style more important than story.

    Yet the liberal, humanistic message of the Harry Potter books isn’t laboured or distracting. And who could really argue with them? Being tolerant of people and judging them by their character, not ethnicity, are laudable virtues. There is nothing wrong, either, with strong, active female characters. I started reading the saga so I could share the experience with my Potter-mad nieces I want them to grow up strong and active.

    Maggie Smith : $16 Million

    Harry Potter: 5 Best Character Arcs (&  5 Most Disappointing)

    It’s such a joy to see all of the high caliber British talent that the Harry Potter films bring in through the various staff at Hogwarts. Maggie Smith is the perfect Minerva McGonagall and worth every penny of what it cost to acquire her, which wasn’t cheap. She becomes one of Harrys most affectionate mentors.

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    James Potter & Lily Evans

    The Harry Potter movies never had much interest in showing the Boy Who Lived’s parents, but book fans know their relationship wasn’t always straightforward. For most of their time at Hogwarts, Lily was angered by James’ bullying of her then best friend, Snape. However, the pair later fell in love, married, and had Harry, before losing their lives to Lord Voldemort.

    The Marauders era is a point of interest for a lot of Harry Potter fans, and James and Lily’s tragic romance is a core part of that. Nobody really knows how they went from Lily calling him an “arrogant, bullying toerag” to welcoming a baby with enough love to defeat a Dark Lord. There’s more than enough fan fiction exploring how this happened, but fans still think a is much needed.

    From The 13th Century

    Romance or is a type of and that was popular in the aristocratic circles of and . They were fantastic stories about marvel-filled , often of a portrayed as having qualities, who goes on a , yet it is “the emphasis on love and courtly manners distinguishes it from the and other kinds of , in which masculine military heroism predominates.” Popular literature also drew on themes of romance, but with , or intent. Romances reworked , , and history to suit the readers’ and hearers’ tastes, but by c. 1600 they were out of fashion, and famously them in his novel . Still, is more influenced by the romance than by any other medieval genre, and the word medieval evokes knights, distressed damsels, dragons, and other romantic tropes.

    Originally, romance literature was written in , , , and , and later in , in , in , in and . During the early 13th century, romances were increasingly written as prose. In later romances, particularly those of French origin, there is a marked tendency to emphasize themes of , such as faithfulness in adversity.

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    Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows ~ 65 Million Copies

    If you guessed that the final book in the Harry Potter series, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows sold approximately 65 million copies you would be correct. It wouldn’t make sense for it to have sold less. If you made it to The Half Blood Prince it only makes sense to finish out the story with a single book remaining. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, however, does hold a special sales record of its own. While it only sold as many copies as four of its predecessors, it reached those sales numbers faster than any of the books before it. Having sold 15 million of its 65 million copies in the first day alone, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows holds the world record for fastest-selling book in history.

    Why Is Harry Potter So Popular With Adults

    Top 10 Most Powerful Harry Potter Characters

    The book series and the movie franchise were released over a time period of a bit more than a decade. This timing allowed it to pull in the biggest possible audience since the movies were marketed towards children and young adults. Another thing that led a lot of people over to the book series is the fact that the books were always ahead of the movies which mean most of the curious fans gravitate towards the books to figure out what happens next.

    Now that all of those original fans grew up, it is easy to understand why a piece of media that consumed such a big part of their childhood still remains near and dear to their hearts.

    Despite the fact that most people grow out of things that they liked during their childhood, due to the fact that media marketed towards the kids usually becomes extremely cringe once they get a little older, this is not the case with the Harry Potter franchise.

    The series was written with a dose of dark themes which intrigued older audiences. This means that once younger kids grow out of the story elements which rely on friendship and the battle between good and evil they can stick around for the darker parts of the story instead of moving away from the franchise.

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    Early On The Books Were Extremely Controversial And In Many Ways They Still Are

    Part of what made Harry Potter such a literary phenomenon is that so many kids were reading the books despite an unprecedented number of attempts to get them to stop reading the books.

    The Harry Potter series, like many works of fantasy, involves wizardry and witchcraft. The feeling that the books thus promoted the occult proved to be the basis for constant challenges to the series presence in school libraries and bookstores by concerned conservative parents. The books first topped the American Library Associations list of the most banned books of the year in 1999, and remained in the top spot for most of the next decade.

    In some regions, pressure to censor the series was so high it led to lawsuits: In 2003, a judge ordered an Arkansas school district that had removed the books from schools due to promotion of the religion of witchcraft to return them. Similar formal attempts at removal persisted into the latter half of the decade, and the books continue to rile up conservative religious leaders who warn of its demonic influence.

    All of this controversy speaks not only to concerns that Rowlings work would negatively influence children, but to the reality that many of those children grew up to be arguably even more progressive than the books they grew up reading which is, in a way, a confirmation of conservatives worst fears about the series.

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